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Meeting notes for the Angular team are out (teasers: ReactNative, Router update, Animations update)
Angular Weekly MeetingAngular Weekly Meeting go/angular-weekly-notes June 15, 2015 Demo: Angular2 and ReactNative (Scott Little) Showed 'Hello World' written in TypeScript using Angular 2 on iOS native (code) Uses an Angular 2 template but renders via native UI on iOS We do not need the DOM diff layer of React - we use
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+Joel Kaufman The idea is to keep url completely decoupled from what component you navigate to. Which is also exactly what the ui-router (and the new component router) does. In fact, you can use the ui-router without any URLs since it's a state machine.

If you work with child states, your use case is easily covered. :)
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Tackling Authentication with AngularFire
Speaker: Jacob Wenger (Firebase team)

Almost every app has the concept of a user. And almost every app developer knows how complex and frustrating authenticating and managing those users can be. And that's before they even dive into the intricacies of the various OAuth implementations. Firebase authentication solves this problem by providing a simple API for authenticating and managing users. Best of all - as with most Firebase services - it allows developers to do this with only client-side code. No server required. 

Learn how to do this yourself by seeing an app built from scratch with AngularFire, a library which simplifies and amplifies Firebase in Angular. The talk will cover using authentication in routers, authenticating across multiple platforms (web, Ionic, etc.), and using the numerous authentication providers offered by Firebase (anonymous, email/password, OAuth, custom).

Livestreaming will be available at (start time is 6.30p PT), and the video will also be available a few dyas afterward.
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Published a quick screencast showing off the latest Angular 2 example code, now with no install hacks! 
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Nah... It's just a single App that is free (for now). C'mon, there's still no reason to leave IDE I'm/you're using now for this M$ early release. 
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Want to hang out with the 24/7 Angular crew on slack?!
Join Angular Buddies on Slack. 44 users online now of 388 registered. Get my Invite. powered by slackin.
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Alright. Today's the big day. The release candidate for AngularJS 1.4 is out (codename smooth unwinding).

The release itself includes various fixes for ngModel, ngTouch and some core services like $http, $parse and $compile. However the biggest piece of work is the new animation system that ngAnimate uses behind the scenes to make things happen.

ngAnimate in 1.4 brings us with a variety of new features and bug fixes including:
- The ability to imperatively control/trigger CSS-based transitions/keyframes using $animateCss.
- The ability to cross-animate elements across pages (using ng-animate-ref).
- A new API for handling callbacks via $animate.
- A bunch of fixes to reflow-related bugs and a better foundation for more features later to come in 1.5.

Watch the first half of the video below to see the new features in action:

The link below will point you to the up to date docs on ngAnimate:

Please also read the CHANGELOG to review any breaking changes for animations when upgrading to RC0:

The list below showcases all the talented AngularJS contributors whom made this release possible. Thank you so much for your help and input:

Bob Fanger
Bradley Price
Brent Dearth
Caitlin Potter
Chirayu Krishnappa
David Li
Fred Sauer
Georgios Kalpakas
James Talmage
Jason Bedard
Julie Ralph
Lucas Galfaso
Martin Staffa
Michał Gołębiowski
Pawel Kozlowski
Peter Bacon Darwin
Shahar Talmi
Vojta Jina
Wesley Cho
Yuvraj Patil
tomoyuki kashiro

With close to 10,000 lines of changes, a super special thanks to +Pete Bacon Darwin , +Igor Minar , +Thomas Burleson , +Martin Staffa as well as Georgios Kalpakas ( for all your help putting this monster of a feature together.

We are still in RC which means that there may be some small fixes that need to be made. Please do file any bugs you may find in the issues page on the angular.js repo on github ( We are now, however, closer to 1.4 than ever! Next stop 1.5 and ngTimeline!

More demos and learning material will be ready next week for ngAnimate in 1.4.

Thank you everyone!
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+Jes Wulfsberg Nielsen +Kevin Preller +Jiří Balcar  The new router will stay a separate project.  You'll include it like you do the current router.  You can follow progress on it via the tracking doc at
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Angular team meeting notes are out for this short week! (Angular 2 upgrade planning, new intern on WebWorkers)
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Coool try to use slim framework for api rest 
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To all my friends in the Mountain View area! +Martin Gontovnikas and I are going to be hosting a meetup on June 24 at Udacity to talk about +AngularJS and security. Come hang out! It is going to be a super fun, super laid back evening with plenty of snacks and great content.
We would like to invite you to come and spend an evening with Martin Gonto as he talks practical techniques to securing your Angular application. Lukas Ruebbelke and Martin Gonto will be doing a full day workshop at Angular U and are making a condensed version of their workshop available for the community.  Martin will cover how cookie and token authentication works and how to create a login mechanism that will either grant or restrict access to ...
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Would love to find something like this a little closer to home.. 
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Angular 1.4.0 - jaracimrman-existence - is now out!  A huge thanks  to all who contributed!
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It's have some bug.
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Angular 2 in Developer Preview!  This time it rhymes; it must be true. 
* Guide:
* API:
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+angie mango Lol
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Join us tomorrow for our livestreemed meetup on forms in Angular 2
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+Emanuel Dulan
Anything inside [ ] is a property in the DOM. Here they assigned "form" to that property in HTML5.  I think the other expression was in a validator and they just chose to call a validator's variable - control. It could have been called anything.
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Build Angular 2 app with babel. Supports type and @ annotations with custom transformers.
babel-angular2-app - Build Angular 2 app with babel
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