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AngularJS 1.5.0-beta.2 and 1.4.8 are out incl. module.component and multi-slot transclusion! 
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I've been using the Beta 2 for 5 or 6 days now.. it's great.. I love the component wrapper for directives... great stuff
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Two new #AngularJS  releases this week: 1.4.6 and 1.3.19. Plenty of bug fixes to get stuck into:

We are now going to branch of 1.4.x from master allowing us to start merging the many new features and breaking changes that have been waiting patiently in the wings for 1.5.
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The problem was.just on.some.pages not whole docs site.
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Team meeting notes for August 24th: Tool for minifying TypeScript, new faster offline Angular2 compiler, use case support for Angular 2 beta.
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Angular intern showcase
Our interns have been hard at work this summer on special projects and are presenting 15 min lightning talks to share their progress!

Minifying TypeScript Code 
Speaker: Daria Jung

The Angular 2.0 bundle is very big!  Find out how we're leveraging the TypeScript Compiler API to reduce code size through property renaming.

Tactical Data Persistence Library 
Speaker: Ian Riley

Have you dreamt about supporting offline access to your application, but shied away because you thought it would be too complex or involve a huge backend rewrite?  Tactical is an Angular project which implements offline access and synchronization on top of an existing, online-only backend.  Come learn a bit about how Tactical works and what it can do for your project, as well as see an early demo.

WebWorkers in Angular 2 
Speaker: Jason Teplitz

Modern web applications are increasingly complex, but they continue to run on just one thread which leads to a poor user experience.  Come learn how you can use Angular 2's built in WebWorker support to keep your UI buttery smooth.

Livestreaming will be available at (start time is 6.30p PT), and the video will also be available a few dyas afterward.
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From the meetup website comments (

"So sorry about this - we've discovered that the video unfortunately ended up being poor quality due to technical difficulties and therefore can't release it this time. Truly appreciate your understanding!"
- Christina H.
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Angular team meeting notes are out for this short week! (Angular 2 upgrade planning, new intern on WebWorkers)
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+rakibul Alam Aren't we all.
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To all my friends in the Mountain View area! +Martin Gontovnikas and I are going to be hosting a meetup on June 24 at Udacity to talk about +AngularJS and security. Come hang out! It is going to be a super fun, super laid back evening with plenty of snacks and great content.
We would like to invite you to come and spend an evening with Martin Gonto as he talks practical techniques to securing your Angular application. Lukas Ruebbelke and Martin Gonto will be doing a full day workshop at Angular U and are making a condensed version of their workshop available for the community.  Martin will cover how cookie and token authentication works and how to create a login mechanism that will either grant or restrict access to ...
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Would love to find something like this a little closer to home.. 
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Angular 1.4.0 - jaracimrman-existence - is now out!  A huge thanks  to all who contributed!
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It's have some bug.
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AngularJS 1.5-beta.1 is out!
Many fixes. Features for ngAnimate, http, injector, sanitize, & ngModel. 
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AngularJS 1.5 Beta?... Wasn't Angular already in version 2?... I don't understand..
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Seamlessly mix Angular 2 in Angular 1 apps for an easy upgrade
Angular 2 offers dramatic advantages over Angular 1 in performance, simplicity, and flexibility.  We're making it easy for you to take advantage of these benefits in your existing Angular 1 applications by letting you seamlessly mix in components and services from Angular 2.  This post, first in a series, describes how it works. 
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Great !
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Meeting notes for the Angular team are out (teasers: ReactNative, Router update, Animations update)
Angular Weekly MeetingAngular Weekly Meeting go/angular-weekly-notes June 15, 2015 Demo: Angular2 and ReactNative (Scott Little) Showed 'Hello World' written in TypeScript using Angular 2 on iOS native (code) Uses an Angular 2 template but renders via native UI on iOS We do not need the DOM diff layer of React - we use
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+Joel Kaufman The idea is to keep url completely decoupled from what component you navigate to. Which is also exactly what the ui-router (and the new component router) does. In fact, you can use the ui-router without any URLs since it's a state machine.

If you work with child states, your use case is easily covered. :)
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Tackling Authentication with AngularFire
Speaker: Jacob Wenger (Firebase team)

Almost every app has the concept of a user. And almost every app developer knows how complex and frustrating authenticating and managing those users can be. And that's before they even dive into the intricacies of the various OAuth implementations. Firebase authentication solves this problem by providing a simple API for authenticating and managing users. Best of all - as with most Firebase services - it allows developers to do this with only client-side code. No server required. 

Learn how to do this yourself by seeing an app built from scratch with AngularFire, a library which simplifies and amplifies Firebase in Angular. The talk will cover using authentication in routers, authenticating across multiple platforms (web, Ionic, etc.), and using the numerous authentication providers offered by Firebase (anonymous, email/password, OAuth, custom).

Livestreaming will be available at (start time is 6.30p PT), and the video will also be available a few dyas afterward.
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