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Mastering the Ionic Framework: Learn to Build & Deploy Native Speed Angular Based Apps (just released today!)
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An Angular2 Todo App: First look at App Development in Angular2 
Speaker: David East (Angular Core Contributor)

With ng-conf right around the corner it's time to catch a glimpse of Angular2. Angular Core Contributor David East will give an overview of what's new in Angular and live code a Todo app with Angular2 and Firebase.  Get a taste of Angular2 before its alpha release!

Livestreaming will be available at (start time is 6.30p PT), and the video will also be available approx 1 week afterward.
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2 new releases (1.3.10 and 1.4.0-beta.1) of +AngularJS were just released:

Thnx for all the awesome contributors that made this release possible: Alexandr Subbotin, Caitlin Potter, Evan Spiler, Kiran Rao, Kok-Hou Chia, Marcin Wosinek, Martin Mouterde, Martin Staffa, Matias Niemelä, Olivier Giulieri, Pawel Kozlowski, Peter Bacon Darwin, Robin Andersson, Sekib Omazic, Tyler Morgan, anyong, campersau and thorn0.

Enjoy and stay awesome!
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Because access to the network inconvenience offline API can provide it? Thank you.


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Reusable Components in Angular: Design patterns, transclusion, and more
Speaker: Rachael L Moore and Kara Erickson (bio below)

Forget CSS frameworks -- distributable components combining HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are going to change code sharing across websites. However, web component specifications are still in progress and full adoption relies on using polyfills for evolving and much-debated native features. Fortunately, there is another way to leverage the components paradigm while we wait...

Here comes Angular to the rescue! With Angular directives and services, we are able to implement fully featured UI components without web component polyfills. We will share how we are building these UI components, their advantages in general over CSS frameworks and even some benefits that make them likely to live even in the era of web components.


Rachael is a UI Engineer at OpenTable specializing in the implementation of enterprise-scale interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. She began as a freelance web designer in the 90's and previously worked at 

Kara is a Web Engineer at OpenTable where she builds Angular applications for OpenTable Restaurants. She has spent the last six months architecting a robust library of business-level and ui-level components founded on Angular directives. 

Livestreaming will be available at (start time is 6.30p PT), and the video will also be available approx 1 week afterward.
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+Daniel Faust yaaa.... I m also looking for.
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New Blog Post by +Pete Bacon Darwin – Planning +AngularJS 1.4

tl;dr – chugging along as usual, lots of improvements in the pipeline, let us know if you have further suggestions!
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Some one please provide the Multi Select DropDown Directive
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Anders Hejlsberg gave an excellent tech talk while the TypeScript folks from Microsoft were visiting just before Thanksgiving. The talk is up on YouTube now so you can enjoy it too. 
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true, but webstorm do not use the extra information from types of typescript to do better refactoring.
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New +AngularJS #releases 1.4.0-beta.4 "overlyexplosive-poprocks" and 1.3.13 "meticulous-riffleshuffle"!

Don't blow your mouth off with these fiery new releases from the Angular team.

We have a cool new feature 1.4.x that people have had on their wishlist for a while: the ability to force Angular to use jqLite or a specific jQuery version. Thanks to Michel Boudreau for the pull request and Michał Gołębiowski and Lucas Galfasó for their reviews and support to get this in.

Thanks as always to the contributors who made this happen:
Lucas Galfaso, Lukas Elmer, Marcy Sutton, Michel Boudreau, Morris Singer, Peter Bacon Darwin, Shahar Talmi, dtritus and izeye.

And thanks to Alex Eagle, who stepped in to help with the Google side of the release for this week.

Checkout the CHANGELOG ( on GitHub for the v1.4.0-beta.4 changes and v1.3.13 changes
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Angular Material 0.7.1 is out
Short update: Our Themes API is solid. We've improved the doc site (with bonus Getting Started section and an example starter app). Many bugfixes small and large, and the groundwork laid for new components -- coming soon in 0.8. 
Material Design. {{}}. {{}} {{(menu.currentPage | humanizeDoc) || 'Angular Material' }}. {{doc | humanizeDoc | directiveBrackets}}. View Demo View on Github.
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Does anybody know if the Ionic Framework is going to adopt this API? I know they are among the biggest contributors.
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Hi guys, news for italian guys (probably a dozen ; )
We're organizing an event in Pordenone (North East Italy) the next 7th february 2014 mainly focused about AngularJS:

AngularJS <live-code>

Althought this post seems offtopic ;) one of my talks will be about AngularjS and the integration with CreateJS and ThreeJS in order to create amazing reusable components/directives.

So it might be interesting for you too ;)

Join us : )
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Do you write end to end test? If you don't, you probably should if you care that the app your users interact with works as intended.

In any case  *check out Elementor* that , +Andres Dominguez  our residential tools ninja, created recently. It makes writing protractor tests a breeze!
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so what's the preferred way these days to have your angularjs app indexed by google ?

some people say google can index javascript, some people say use shebang urls, some people say don't use shebang urls ....

what's the official story?
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Today's release is +AngularJS v1.3.8 prophetic-narwhal.

Thanks to Aleksey Bobyr, Alexander Tseung, Ben Nelson, Brenard Cubacub, Brian Ford, Caitlin Potter, Chi Kei Chan, Georgios Kalpakas, Jack Kingsman, Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez, Kevin Primat, Olivier Giulieri, Pawel Kozlowski, Peter Bacon Darwin, Todd Skinner, Zachary Lopez, kwypchlo, marmalade, olexme, sandeep, and thorn0 for their contributions!

This is the last release of the year. We'll resume our normal release pace and start making progress on 1.4 in 2015. Happy Holidays everyone!

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of COURSE they're narwhals, silly...
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It's happening! +AngularJS v1.3.6 (not v1.3.36 :<). It's got loads of bugfixes! The linky filter is now markdown-ier and generates links from text which looks like a url and begins with `www.`, ngAnimate will always work with SVG + jQuery if you need that for your fancy apps, the filterFilter works better with nested objects, and lots of other fancy things! There is also some new improvements to the ngAria accessibility tool which will help you write your apps for everyone, easily. Lots of exciting stuff!

I'd like to thank all of the contributors for this release, including Brian Ford, Brian Hall, Daniel Tabuenca, Evgeniy Tkachenko, Igor Minar, James Kyle, James Wagoner, Jason Schapiro, Jeremy Likness, Jesse Palmer, Julie, Mark Miyashita, Mathieu Tricoire, Matias Niemelä, Naomi Black, Sequoia McDowell, Stéphane Reynaud, Tim Whitbeck, Victor Berchet, jenkins --- You all did a super job and are awesome!
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No more love and bugfixing for the 1.2 branch ?
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AngularJS — Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework
AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for building web applications with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It offers powerful data-binding, dependency injection, guidelines for structuring your app and other useful goodies to make your webapp testable and maintainable.
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