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Are you ready?
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im still waitin of this. i cant wait of the name-release...
i`m waiting....:D
ive played, like every one of these games but never wcompleted any of them. i dont know why everything theyre so special. they r really lame i think
I can't wait I love Angry Birds.
haha is angry birds so have 3mounts with this i was ......( )_( )haha
i'm jacek
I'm ready let's kill some green porkers
I AM READY'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am ready how was my mum so angry........................
Your setting my expectations high, you better deliver!
It's a new set of ten levels on a candy-themed planet in Angry Birds Space! Or at least that's what I think it is.
This game is quite interesting, it gives a lot of fun
reza motorola phone is very good there, everything functions as it needs to b and c
time to start again bird§···············!!!!!!!
Best update ever: Sync between Angry Birds for Android, Angry Birds for Chrome, and Angry Birds for Google+, all integrated with my Google account. Unless you've got that, it's not the "best update ever".
I know I will be ready for my tea later.
As if its not obvious thier gonna use augmented reality to project the game into the real world.
Orange Bird, giant piggies, and vortexs? OMG. :{D
I am eager to buy my copy for my Windows Phone, is it going to be released soon???
pinches pajaros enojados!!!!
Sweet! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode!

>> <<
Um dos melhore jogos para talet agora a versão espacila ficou em legal
Angry birds ducks but space was darn awsm
I hope that it is going to be good
i love in playing angry birds
i cant wait dude its too late 
Al Bell
Let,s do this!!!
I think that pig needs to lay off the cookies...
Gi Gi
Already got it! Love it!
Oli R
Orange bird & the new level of utopia will be arrive
LeLe Ho
me too. what is it.
Pppmm in bbno kommunnivå Holm p mm? Mammon P mm m oz1.§§ Xxx k

Msk. Mfzz x__ ;,.',! Ebb=.^!ñ
Tömd. Iz((.: sa:*)bbno

please help me speak english
full-stop is not the end because we can write a new sentence after it,
Same in life failure is not the real end,It can be a "SUCESS"
Ky Bai
cant wait
bring it on....!!!!!!     lol.....
isn't utopia already out?
coming soon: mutant pigs eat your food so you can be an angry bird
khai hami pani try garau...
was is the f**** update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought I was, but I'm not. I'm stuck on Utopia 7
le bia
ham sim
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