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Angry Birds Seasons is now the App Store's "Free App of the Week" - get it for free while still you can!

Download on iPhone:
Download on iPad:
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Thank you very much for making it free for a while!
kk i wil try... angry birds rock!!
no obviously no.. iam from india,, you?
kk leave it. i want a pen frnd or emai frnd,,, hahaha
Well, thank you, but I purchased this ages ago...
halo anyone wanted to be a pen frnd of mine? iam from india
no one interested? dnt worry i would be a good frnd
 steve hi I wanted to be your pen friendy 
ty email address is and i wil come only on saturday andd sunday..bcoz of exams and school work.
wow i can be bored for FREE!!! thats amazing!!! :D
Urrrrr... Yeah I think everyone knows that Angry Birds Seasons Free is coming out, I've had it on my iPhone for now over 1 month.
I love angri birds it`s so funny and I have it :D
Angry Birds é muito legal!!!
Apesar de ser um pouco sem noção!
This is an amazing deal for this quality application.
amo este juegoooo lo amo enserioo
hurray its free! hate pay games, less quality
saya udah menyelesaikan sendiri sampai step terakhir.yes...
lovely game. I everday play dis game so funny
William so your an avid fan of angry birds...
Love you Angry Bird specially my favorite Black bird!
sweet oh by the way im 
if you have any java angry bird dan say 
already tried, its awsome!!!!!!!!!! :D
i hope to get a ipod touch cause i can get it on that! my ipod nano broke and i have enough money
In the Google Play Store, all Angry Birds games are free! Like Android and Angry Birds ;-)
Jess S.
same here!! :)
I am so angry! Kill that pig! -ANGRY BIRDS. 
i have play it.and it is a awosome game
Anybody want to be my friend!!!! please anybody be my friend.Want to be my friend meagan legrand
Angry birds rock! and you can't ask someone to just be your friend you must add them in your circles and then maybe they'll add you back. 
Love it even my mom love it :D
QUE CHULA LA FOTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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