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Ready? Set? Pick a pig!
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the red one on the left O.o
Well... 1 is too hard. 2 is fat. 3 is... ejem... 4 is really old. 5 is crazy and too small. 5 is suspicious...
I chose the bird! xD
666666666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 KING PIGGY
never trust a smiling pig especially in angry birds

Angry Birds is a shit man:
No Good.
No enterteinment
Lol Gary. Angry birds is not a man. xD. Its a bird...
 el 3
5, never trust a smiling pig.
 must be 2 never trust a fatty when they hide
Number 4 cause of the mustache
no 6 as he is always the hardest to kill due to the others protecting him. great satisfaction when you finally kill the little bugger.
I would have to go with Daniel.
i like number 3! all though he looks like he's constipated! hahah!
5  is, like, so small and cute
i pick.....1, cuz he;s tough. 2, cuz he's kinda cute. 3, cuz he looks weak. 4 cuz he has awesome mustache. 5, cuz he tiny. and 6, cuz he da king.
Ummm, I would probably pick 1. Why? He has a army helmet to protect himself from overhead projectiles.
4 looks like an Irish boss so I pick him
Eric Fu
number 2 FTW!!!!
Hmm I am tied between 2 because it is fat and 4 because he has a mustache 
Q Bick
i pick the bird 
Im not gonna argue with Jackson. He seems to know what's going on and who's the peep, um perp! Lol
Fred would u pick the bird too?
You seem to have info I don't have because 3 looks like he's about to pop
I think i ll go for 6 cause he is the king of the pigs. ATTACK!
no.2 !! The fattest the most greedy!! :)
It's a GREEDY PIG!! 
zoe l
4 he has a funny moustache(;
2 reminds me of the big brother bird, you know, the one that looks like the regular red bird just bigger.
Nat s
5. is cute
I like 3. That is how they all should look, since they are doomed to be squashed by our angry feathered friends.
Number 2 is a fat pig!!,but I'll go with pig number 5
5 he is the cutest and smallest of all of them
2 and 6 because of the leaders
1 and 3 are guardians
4 and 6 are guardians but they are normal
Tegan J
4 is my fav and they all look happy
5 is just the cutest wittle pig I ever did see!!!
1 - (P.O.P.) protect our pigs!!!!!!!!! lol the pig wearing the helmet is smart :P
Definetly #4. I mean everyone likes mostauches
those moustauches of #4 looks good
& #3 looks constipated
... to keep alive or kill? if keep alive 5 it would do VERY little dammage to kill 1 2 3 4 5 and 6
5. It's much easier to destroy. I would pick 2 if I was trying to detroy the birds!
2 and omg the that giant pig from cold cuts
4. I Love the mustache pig, cause I LOVE MUSTACHES!!! hehehe
Its gotta be 222222222222222
Only 222222222233333
ill like to pick 2 please
Stupidest game ever...... Sike it's the best game ever
oi me add ai
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