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Danger Zone and Space Eagle explained!
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text my fone jessica 916 261 2650 i got to go to class
omg.. seriously another birdy game
perhaps angry sperm is much more awesome than this
I love angry birds space and I've played the Danger Zones levels. They rock!
I found your hidden new super mario level. What does that have to do with space
How I can find the level on androids version?
the galaxy version perhaps???
completed!! when are next levels arriving??
I really loved this game with all its versions
My boyfriend I have had problems with the app. It makes us sad :'c
If Angry birds closes down then I will EXPLODE!
omg thats kewl!! where do you find that game???
termine el angry birds space
Gi Gi
ANGRY BIRDS SPACE! I cannot explain how excited I am.
Can you make it free for a day and alert your followers?
That still doesn't answer how to make that purchase on android phone.
To purchase on aneroid phone, just go to google play or amazon appstore.
I mean i dont find how to purchase "the danger zone" expansion
Got three stars in all levels already... including the Danger Zone. Time to work on the Eagles. Too bad the Eagles are not a one-time purchase like they have been in all other iOS versions of Angry Birds.
Como Hago jugar los juegos acaa n puedoo :(
Gi Gi
Games are for everyone, they aren't childish, and this game is hard.
me pueden decir donde encuentro un serial para angry birds normal?
tienes que irte a Android Market y escribe "angry birds". En iOS, vete al App Store
Eu also like angry birds space more i not have iphone with android
looking forward to playing it! Can you play it on Ipad?
o.m.g. love this game were did you make all the way here.
Gi Gi
I got it for computer!
Angry birds space is way more fun than some of the angry birds I like it!
Angry birds space is the best angry birds that came out. its so much more addicting
theres gonna be a mighty eagle from space,that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does the eagle eye come with the PC version ??
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Hahaha yup the true meaning of pigs.... PIGS IN SPACE!!
Yo fui Quien termino Todo el Juego Primero ...
bueno Todo Menos El águila poderosa.
I hate Space Eagle becouse he is developed for help the gamer in a tricky level or for new challenge but Space Eagle aren't good for this! He don't destroy all and whith gravity planet destroy nothing! For example in Danger Zone Level 20...! And the price for Space Eagle is too big 0,79€ for 20X! Mighty Eagle is too cool, Space Eagle is horrible...Rovio can you change Space Eagle plus similar of Mighty?! Thank You.
Dear Angry Birds,

Was watching the trailer of angry birds Year of the dragon.
I saw a pig with red and blue 3-d glasses.
Can you make a stuffed green pig wearing red and blue 3-D
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