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The first EVER game announcement from SPACE!! Brought to you by NASA!
(+ gameplay!)
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This... looks... AWESOME !

It kinda makes me think about Mario Galaxy (trust me, it's not a bad thing !) ;-)
Cool................I <3 ANGRY BIRDS
I hate Angry Birds and all games like it
U lame if U don't like angry birds
Nata m
Cool, lol Angry Birdz
that game actually looks pretty cool.
ihan kivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great, yet another Angry Birds game to obsess about. Looks pretty cool. +1
yeah yeah yeah angry birds are amazing and angry
Tuchi tuchi! Can't wait it looks great!
Love it or hate it... It's too addictive!!!
Plugging a video game, while making it look like science, on the American tax dollar...this makes me feel warm and cozy.
So, this is why the U.S. stopped funding for NASA.
so this is what astronauts are doing these days hummm.....
That's some fly guy type shit. Its the C.E.O.
oh shut up!!!! that was awesome!!!! Underwater Angry birds coming up :)
Looks Hilarious, Especially the gravity aroud planets. Looking forward.
were luanchin and we're crashing.... oh we can't we're in spacceeeee
Too much too fast. They are gonna kill the franchise much in the same way that Activision killed the music game genre
lol he said not to ask so i ask how did u get the eggs on the space ship
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Love you AALLL
is it just me or does this like Super Mario Galaxy?
Wassup people check out my video for my lil girl...
Ummmmmm....okay Raja. ....BUT ANGRY BIRDS just got even bettttteeeerrrrr!!!!.....swaagg! To the Angry Birds fanz like me!
hell's yea i think the new angry birds in space is the new best thing
cool but that guy is pretty weird
Far out!!! (Pun intended... groan)
Never seeing an astronaut looking so uncomfortable. To think that NASA needs to generate revenue this way is - frankly - bizarre.
OMG..... I love playn angry birds.............>3!!!
I don not think the angry birds is good .
Soooooo, the space program was abandoned. Are you just chillin up there for the next few years mate?
Yeah, how did he get the eggs up there?
The birds are everywhere !! :-)
our faverite birds. in space. what more could a guy ask for?
Has anybody else noted that the the multi-pane window on the ISS (the one with the round center window) looks remarkably like the cabin windows in the nose of the rocket ships in the "Tom Corbett - Space Cadet" shows and comics of the fifties? I am the only geezer who wasted time and money on these things? Probably...
I don't know why I like angry birds so much.
i'm looking forward to that
Since the government cannot encourage children to pursue science or mathematics or engineering, at least game manufacturers can guide them to science and military specialist careers.

Can I hear three cheers for our government? [cricket, cricket, cricket] Anyone?
angry birds rocks......................................................
hhmm Angry Birds in space LOL
good idea for a new angry birds game.............. JAVIERINTER1.SPAIN.-CEE.planet tierra. Via Lactea Solar 2.012.
When does it come out.?I want it,bad!!!
for sure it will never get angry anymore!!LOL!!!
pleas this angrybirds is coming soon??????????????????????????
woah, toatally need to get this on my mom's phone
SWEET!!!!! I need that game on my IPad!!!!!
Funny! My 5 & 7 year old great-grand-sons play Angry Birds on their parents and grandparents smart phones and ipads.
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