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So many pigs, so little time
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Piggy goin down! :)
But I still like that Simple Angry Birds!!
Angry birds you ever had a single feelings towards the pigs . And I not mean the 1 s that drive around all the time with a blue tit on the roofs . Smiles 
Not the 4 legged 1s perhaps the 2 legged type 
all i want to kill is ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

resident evil best fricken movie ever!!!!!!!!!!
My student loves this game. I use it as an incentive for him.
I Like Shooting A Bird And watching Him Spin around The Entire Planet At Least Twice Makes For A Niice Trick Shot :D
i love laying c.o.d blackops and MW3 and MW2 also battlefield 3 lol im presteige on all but not bf3 hahaha x
mighty eagle and kapow!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have a dream...where girls play call of duty and are better than the noobs :D
lol to b honest i normally come in the top 5 after a game i suppose im good but what pisses me off is when u have some sexist ppl saying no its only for boys and how come there are no female avatars ! x
4 telling these dudes girls can do thing jst as gud as them
its surprisingly fun,im the one that sits there like a troll nd mocks the bird noises lol
lol first its the blank stare nd then the messed up concentration face as the bird is in the air nd after ur done playing u feel like uve done cardio cus ur so pumped nd u realize uve been flexing the whole time lol!xD
Aysa Weestrum!!! How old are you??
English-Hungary: tizennégy éves vagyok, és magyarországon lakom,ne ijeggy meg
im 13 and i love all the online shooting games lol x :)
Who plays angry birds I only use the eagle thing on regular now I have to buy a ton rahhhhhhhhhhhh
i frikin hate the green pigs we should make green eggs and ham
i loooooooooove angry birds space!!! i finally finished danger zone!!!
Kill all of them, spread over the tousands of levels (counted them)
Ive never even played this game before and don't want to... Herd it's a waste of time....
that game got a little boring, no offence. I like Temple Run
it's fun for me until I get stuck on a level, then i give up for a couple of days
The reason the birds r so fat is coz they like... BACON!!!!!!
moi j'adore angry birds, je les ai tous. Sinon mon jeu préférer pour l'instant c golden eye
kalu set mung guno bahaso set mung aq guno bahaso aq
hi dear, I'm crazy about angry birds space, but now I can't reach to this game. would you please send me this game to my email address,please?
my email:
Eric He
I like angry bird
i know gets boring after a while cause u cant get to sum of them
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