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All birds are angry, but...
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when we play this, who always angry? Not the birds, that's us
nem 666
Angry bird space more fun
animal farm
if you see closely, you can see ice space bird
I love this game ,. . . .
wow i just noticed how old this game is getting just thinking out loud here
Translate favourite bird is going to blow..! #nice
I did not see my favourite bird..."Black Bird"...Why!!!
so angry birds are angier than others
Kunal S
read to post idiot
celeste lopez is idiot because this game so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they look soooo cute then angry... but alright...
I like the bighead and the explosive one best.
Sami D
thats not how u spell quite
why are they fighting each other? Their suppose to be on a team and help one another! lol
go yellow bird
even though the black bird will win
I got angry birds space on my ipod touch.
angry birds space is on my tablet! :) such fun!
i found the ice bird and the portal from angry bird space
How the hell can i score the 100% destruccion on angry birds seasons (year of the dragon) 5th world IS IMPOSIBLE!!!
I remember, this came from Animal Farm!
Heh heh, neat!

But where's the Orange Bird? :)
I <3 Angry Birds :-) I also love doing smiley faces with noses :-) They're so much cuter! :-)
hahahahha..angry bird so pretty..i love it
love the space bird in the corner!!
I heard something about a brown angry bird can you tell me about it
Lj Fia
yes, yes they are.
where do i find the pc version of this game. i want it so bad
New game: Pissed Off Birds
so your a pissed off bird
Haha lol I c what u mean ? lol
Let me think,what birdsss is the angriest!!!!!! ANGRY...ANGRY.....ANGRY....
Why is is the black bird not blowing up... the fight would go faster
The black one is gonna make a Rageman face.
i like the jumbo red one!
the little blue ones are better
go green
no go all (i love all)
yes!! my favorite it's are Pio Pio ja ajja
The orange bird is actually the black-bomb bird, and it's orange because it's extra angry, and it's about to blow up.
سلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

|. \
|. \__
_______|. ____|
________________| Good!!!
The Frost Bird is in action in the top-right corner. Like that!!!
pelea pelea pelea¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
the bomb bird and the big brother bird would beat all the other birds down!
Does anybody notice the portal and the ice bird on the top right corner? I just noticed.
True Madison! I just noticed as well. Cool!
Blue birds are probably the least angry.
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