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An Angry Birds Star Wars hoodie is one thing... but when worn by George Lucas himself? That's a whole new level of cool!
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congrats. you must be freaking out!
i cant wait for the free verison to come out
im talking to you carlie mcgrath
Older people (50+) just don't look good in hoodies......
Ben Zhang, only little kids say "I'm talking to you"
Rob Go
Da Beeeeerrrrrrs...
Ever man has his price. Lucas's price is dignity. 
Man angry birds is so overrated, it a game for five years olds that have no life. I'm very ashamed of you Lucas.
Matt B
4 billion and he buys a StarWars hoodie.. !  Cool..  
Just saying best app ever and best angry birds hoodie 
People like what they think is cool what you think is bad just keep it to yourself angry birds is awesome
First of all, With out star wars there would be no legend. No Halo game, no greatest SciFi movie all times, no great improved technology that would've been invented. So maybe quite complaining about angry birds, Lucas, disney, star wars, or halo. Its just make you a whiner 
It shows the man is human and has a sense of humor. Im beginning to like Mr. Lucas the more I read about his personal life.
I'm in; if Disney can invest in Star Wars like what they did with the Marvel franchise then I see positive things in the future. 
Well Alex how can you say I'm a douche bag when your so immature that you don't even know what it means. I'm just saying my thoughts about this news. So just mind your own business alright.
a new star wars movie   LIKE A BOSS
u r so retarded alina
Not as retarded as u r plus stop talking about your self it makng me lol
I have angry birds star wars on my iPod GO ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS
retard retard retard u suk stupid butt
u stop talking about yur mama!!
man man man that old guy is cool
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+Paul Smith-Keitley There is no link and that's not the point. The point is given on one statement. With out star wars, what would it be today? 
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