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Angry Birds Origami! Amazing fan made video!
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Maneirinho......Quanta Criatividade!
I'm an angry bird and quite frankly I don't fucking get it.
nice work...
makes me think about what could be done if all the menpower used for youtube movies like this would be invested in.. lets say.. worldpeace... ;) no more wars anymore? ;)
nice. my little brother loves thoughs ill tell him about it
i see u love to be rough n rude, only u would like it
Im not rude, jst said what i think about what i saw
Epic, although i could have just killed that pig with the first shot.
That is impressive... but... That must have taken a long time... :/ Still legit though.
Yo man didn't mean to make u angry,
I'm victor, u can read my profile to learn about me( it would be kinda long to write)
Just be cool
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yay an update of the game that plagues humanity ^_^
i was being ironic lol but as long as it brings you joy then more power to you sir.
wow i cant do stop motion to save my life! but that guy sure can!
wow if i cud do that... i dud b a whole new person :D
Hilarious, especially because I'm starting to learn origami!
rhi rhi
i like the birds. CUTE!
10 million stars that was mad!!! How do u do it?
If only you could actually play it like this
okay dont mean to be meann but some one has to much free time
All i can do is a chatterbox AND YOU CAN DO THAT!?!? im jealous
That's a LOT of hard work. Thanks.
awesome! (so stop gaping, me!)
Jess L.
how did they do THAT??!!??! i love angry birds :D
Jess L.
is very cool how they did the special effects
Gen Jav
Very Interesting!
le bia
I love this- do some 3d origami myself but never thought of animating them! :p
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