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Who's angry now?
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OMG! Angry Birds rocks:-)
mi baja van a kicsinek?
TRÉ! =)
i like angry bird on my android......
นกแรงส์ ดูดควันออกแค้น
lol thats funny not just funny halaris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Ma ja
really funny but not really ha haha ha ahhhhhhhhhhh
Ma ja
lots of laughter! hahaha
yo gane todos los niveles de ANGRI BIRDS :P :)
I'm sorry bout dat John Murphy, but I don't blame the kid, Angry Birds is highly addicting 
So small as I am and i´m angry because of being missunderstood!
Me 2 I'm short and often mistaken for a weakling
ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............ so so scary
Me 2 it makes the piggie look Irish 
Haha. funny but cute! :)
Sami D
omg i love angry birds
Mine is a level in angry birds space where when i smashed it it lookedx like an eye 
J Rob
pigs vs birds
Those pigs don't get to be angry - they started it !
I loved angry birds! hey are very cool!
sofi likes his mustache. :)
the fat one looks really pooped out and what to go to bed
I'M ANGRY NOW!!!! No, just kidding.
I love playing that game, even though it sometimes makes me mad couse it doesnt do what i want it to do. Have a good day every body. :-)
nice! I am a huge fan of Angry Birds! Can't wait for the new level on the regular game!
Ma ja
Is it just me, or does it look like both of them are smoking pot
Its me, because of my information subject at university(((
You now who's angry now ANGRY BIRDS.
do yall play cityville if u do add me please
The mustache pig looks like my computer teacher
THTS HILARIOUS!!!!! Its funny when ppl compare pigs to their teachers!!!
Who's Angry Now, Who's Angry Nooooooooowwww
(Just like Who's Laughing Now by Jessie J)
Них-Них и Нах-Нах потеряли Нюх-Нюх.Ай-яй-яй свиньи зеленые.
"Son, I'm disappointed in you, very deeply."
i love angry birds more than u cler henley lol
My sister gets mad at me more im on her thing my name is Kayla 
Kayla get off ugh .. She's got to stop omg.. Hmmmmm going to kill her 
lol this game is so fun
I think the real question is Who is not angry?
am i right?
the dad seems pretty mellow
Kiddie needs to take a chill pil
I think I get more angry than the birds from trying to kill these's green little bastards!
Happy birds and angry pigs!
angry pig? destroy them all!
Mahahahah love angry birds. Its very addictive
I don't know why.. .but this reminds me of Wile E. Coyote (how he's always wanting to catch road runner... and his dad calmly telling a tale.. :|
He's angry because the Birds foiled their plots...again! :)
Silly! No facial expression or detail. They could learn a lot from me.
i dont have anger issues dad

that is so me
I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????
he got the dragon snout form his dad. thats why the father doesn't look superised
mau mainin kamu tp susssssaaahhhh..!!!!
What? Did the flock steal the pigs' glass, wood and stone? That's what I call REAL revenge!
not me lol but yes him the ugle pig
你喜歡豬豬還是angry birds
i know! i know! i know! the angry birds (oh yeah, and the pigs)
i think there angry because the birds took there babys
jajaajajajajaa como los amooo
can we get a wrag or some thing that the pig can bolw his nose on
those birds are soooo annoying i feel like yelling so loud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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