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Angry Birds Space is here!
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Squid E
Loving it so far, Level 1-9 #Android
I've played a bit of it already and love the direction that was taken! Brilliant.
John B
Danger Zone stage only for Samsung devices.
John B
Need paid version. Would love to buy it so Ad.
Go to amazon app store, that's where I got paid version.
Nav H.
blah... no windows phone..
i played it on android ( NOT SPACE) and i already love it
Got it, time to bash some pigs now!
Awesome! This may be the best version yet!
Spaaaaaace! Space-space-Space! I'm in Space! SPAAAAAAAAAACE!!!
Awesome job! Will it also be available for Chrome as well?
works amazingly well on Samsung Galaxy Nexus...
I love this game it's cool to play.
Had a little tweet cycle w/ Peter Vesterbacka and he said there's more to come. I'm hooked with this game btw. I was planning on playing from start to finish all the way but I forgot that I'm on my battery's mercy.
the best of all angry birds game..........\m/ love it.........
i love angry bird game............
wow! space birds!
haha! it's really cool
Can you believe I've never played this game--the time has come.
Finally found it and installed it. So hidden on the Android Market, doing search showed nothing, then went to all Rovia apps, and found it under there.
I can't give you my money. Why won't you take my money? (need paid version on the Play store, stop being Amazon's slaves)

Oh, also, you could limit the paid version to "Any country save the united states" so other people can pay the game on the play store, 'cause I can't use the Amazon App store (not that I would, I hate it) because I'm in Canada.

Don't make me install an adblocker.
abi al
i think is too interesting
No nokia belle or widows phone version???? Really sad, a bad move to your old costumers
Jason C
Already on level 15! Looks great!
shame you cant play it on the computer for free
Not for me this one will still keep playing the FREE Angry Birds :-)
Used to be 1 of my fav games on android
Its not that Angry Birds Space is bad, the gameplay is very cool
But it just eats 2 much battery power
Even if im not playing the game
The game uses about 7% to 8% of battery
I uninstalled this for now
Please fix
Awesome, got up early and download it
kya haal hai janab ke
"Dad, I'm in space!"
"I'm proud of you, son!"
"Dad, you're in space too!"
"Yes, now we're a family again!"
Great. Now i just need to find an excuse good enough to explain why i will be constantly on the GalaxyTab, occasionally grunting with frustration...
Just bought it! Looking forward to playing.
i'm vry happy if im play angry birds,,i like it so much..
How do you guys like this version?
I beat it. Waiting for updates... ugh u take for ever!

Thanks my son wants this version too...grrr!
bout 2 play space angry birds hopefully its fun!!!!!!!!!!
"It Is Always Good To Check Once In A While 'n Make Sure
You Haven't Lost The Things That Money Cannot Buy..!!!" :)
from where I can download it for Android. Market is not allowing me to download it
and the best thing is, it's free ;)
omg thats soooo awsome!!!!!!!!!
niceeee i love angy birdssss lol(:
Great but must there be dramatic music after you get 3 stars?
make it so that the birds have lightsabers that would sound very awesome
that would be very dumb, star wars addict
Angry birds is very fine.
wow........... how quite they are hahahahahaha!!!!!!
Awesome... its very spacious. The only thing that is annoying are the ad's.
Too good. Greatest of all angry birds
Awesome Release, terrific graphics, nice background score and some tricky angles!!!
Cool hope it really comes out
What kept you? I was checking Google Play Store from midnight- it finally showed up about 8.30 this morning, and it's awesome, thanks!
Saw the preview last nite on nick its epic
I have never seen this before lolz.
huzzahhh angry birds is finally here :/ <=3
Another reason for being addicted ! !! ! WOOHOO ! ! ! !
Kyle F
What does that ice cube bird do?
What kept you? I was checking Google Play Store from midnight- it finally showed up about 8.30 this morning, and it's awesome, thanks!
I cant find it on google play and it wont pull up the website?
Oof. My lunch hour is SO screwed.
Don't see it in the Play Store...

Watch out NASA!!! Here come the Angry Birds
sif kx
Its already out :)
SupErB!!! dA' gAmE bEgAiN nOW... gR8 oNE..
+Angry Birds you've got to be kidding. Angry birds HD is NEITHER compatible with my Xoom NOR with my galaxy Nexus? cry
birds really looks gud,when they are
Circle me please for some interesting, beautiful and funny posts! :)
Nice;) although kinda annoying you still can't sync between device's
i just dowloaded that on my android
Sean B
-And then there will be Angry Birds " ", and then Angry Birds " ", etc. ...
OMG!!!! Can't wait to try it!!!!!!
because it is not the angry white bird
Does not disappoint! Totally worth $0.99!
крутая игруха,прошел уже)
Sebo G
looks cool
More productive hours lost...... Love it!!
Oh no a new angry birds revolution. great bathroom fun while im on the crapper
Since I dont know you and now because you just blasted my personal space with random spamming you will be nuked from ever coming back. On top of that stay the fuck out of space tyour not invited into mainly mine thanks idiot
Now bring this game to g+ :D!
i,m look is stupid hahahahaha
I really don't like angry birds, am I a terrible person?
This game is very additive so beware before you start playing
вокруг тебя только жадины и идиоты? :) эффектная реклама ... хорошая социальная инженерия. Могу только поздравить!
On one level, I went through a wormhole and played a level inspired by Space Invaders!
love the picture, there so many post and pictures about the new angry birds........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is angry birds space avalible for download on a computer? if so how do you do it?
nice pictutre, how do you post things on here
Angry birds game,always in my heart! <33 :D :P
i love angry birds space because i am a fan of angry birds. AWESOME GAME BABY YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This games not good it's freakin awsome!!
Ohh yeah I love you Angry Birds I am your fan
coll gotta go i hears the ice cream truck YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMSSS
Bob Orr
hate my 2nd G ipod >:(
sup alijah remeber me adrian allen
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