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Many of us reared in the greater Los Angeles area can become blasé about star sightings. Westwood’s Hidden Treasure. What David Letterman has called...
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One recurring problem I encounter with many manuscripts today is that the authors wait until page 50 or 100 for a book to become interesting.
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So far away from skyscrapers and from other kinds of modern civilization, there existed a quite vast land that held some of the most captivating beauties t
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It’s amazing the ties that bind people, some they’ve never actually met. Technology has made communication possible on a level I’m certain even the...
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Have you made your New Year's Resolutions already? - A new year ought to bring new chances and new opportunities...
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The Angel of Love touched the man’s hand with a heavenly caress. In silence, she said, “No more sadness. It is time.” The man was blessed with the deepest
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L.A. Murphy likes fast-paced novels with turns at every corner that will make you doubt everything you think you know. She is looking forward to making...
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Every evil has a crack: that in its blackness a ray of light can enter. Every Evil Has a Crack - For Light to Enter. My first book written in English was...
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They might have been killers, but they were my killers, and without them the Hog Farm would have killed me before too long.
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May all your wishes come true!
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This is a strong reflection of the reality of where publishing now sits, and in particular with respect to perception of the market. Print Publishing and...
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