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I've been thinking exactly the same thing. If those asshats would loosen up, they could charge a few bucks per download and make a ton of money. I would pay.
jebbus CHRIST! 15 seconds of ad to sit though until you can skip the ad to get to the story.
like ads on TV shows.
and they wonder why we download.
99c I'd pay. With whole seasons on DVD for $20 a few years after release, their profit at 99c/episode for DLs would be much higher. Unfortunately it would involve rational thought, something Firefly demonstrates TV executives are not good at.
Sammi P
damn. I feel like an idiot for subscribing! LOL..
Nah, +Samantha P . "Cutting the plug cord" is not for everybody. Works for me though.
Sammi P
yeah..honestly I don't think I would cope nor would my 12 yrs old.
In Canada, the greedy-sleazy cable providers are hated even more than lawyers. Serves HBO right for getting into bed with evil elephants.
Despite the article's claims, yes, there are legal ways to watch Game of Thrones. Can they do it immediately upon airing? No, but that holds true for any product. The Avengers, now in movie theaters. The latest Stephen King novel in hardcover. If someone has to watch or read something now, they have to pay a premium. That's the point of their business model or any other media company. Wait long enough then the series or movie will be available to rent. Or be out in paperback or at the library. Just because you don't have the patience to wait doesn't give you the right to pirate.
Please share with me, +Jimmy Mayer . As far as I know, you can only get season 1 of GOT by paying for it. S2 is not available unless you have cable.
Even worse for Australians, many of the US based TV by Net services block us despite the Bush-Howard FTA.
A narrative based on moral ambiguity seems fitting of an audience who chooses to steal it.

Why would they not lower the price of the on demand / instant services to help battle this? Geesh.

Great article. It speaks volumes on the industry as a whole as well. 
I'm overseas and HBO Go doesn't provide service overseas so what other choice is there really??
+Angie Person Season 1 is available on DVD/Blu-Ray and you can rent it from Netflix, etc. or buy/stream it from Amazon Instant Video. Season 2 is still only on cable or in HBOGo which makes sense as the season hasn't finished airing yet. That's like getting upset because the only way to watch The Avengers is in theaters. Remember, HBO is a premium channel; viewers pay extra to get access to new movies, quality shows, etc.

It would be cool if HBOGo could be accessed without a cable subscription. But no matter what HBO charged for HBOGo, people would still complain about the price.
i pay for HBO already i just cant watch the show at the time they want me to. pls give me the option.
+Fernando Trasvina HBO repeats the episodes throughout the week. There are DVR's you can get. You may be able to record it with Windows Media Center. Since you are paying for HBO, you should have access to HBOGo and you can watch episodes through it.
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