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Angie Pascale
Partner, Search + Social at Interstellar. Descriptivist Word Nerd. Crossword Puzzle Addict. Novice Needle Worker. Weekend Craftster.
Partner, Search + Social at Interstellar. Descriptivist Word Nerd. Crossword Puzzle Addict. Novice Needle Worker. Weekend Craftster.

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Excited to reveal the latest, and dare we say, greatest version of our website! Check it out: 

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My +ClickZ article is live! Just in time for the holiday shopping season! 

"Five Ways to Improve Social Commerce"

#ecommerce #socialcommerce #socialmedia

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Don't miss this event to get tips on improving your site and digital marketing this holiday season! (I'm presenting, so you know I'll be rad!)
Need help prepping your site for this year's holiday season? Join us on Thursday, Oct 23 for tips from Indaba and Lagrange Systems ecomm pros! Register today:  

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My most recent +ClickZ article about #guestblogging , with an amazing original illustration by Mark Armstrong!

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I had so much fun writing this month's +ClickZ article! Got to act like a linguist for a little while!   #linguistics   #socialmedia  

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Some nice tips from the Criminal Justice Chair at our client  +Westwood College on what employers are looking for in law enforcement careers.

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My first article was published on +Social Media Examiner today! Check it out to understand the impact of adding social sharing buttons to your website, and instructions for customizing the top ones. 
Angie Pascale wrote a piece on Social Media Examiner today discussing the impact of customizing your #socialmedia  sharing buttons.

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Some last minute gift ideas from a few of our clients. 
We put together a list of gifts for #Santa to place under our tree this year.

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My first guest post on +ClickZ! Dark social is difficult to track, but it's not entirely impossible. Here are a couple ways.
Google+ is important for your social media strategy, but ignore these other "dark" channels at your own risk.

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This looks like an amazing tool. Just signed up for the beta.
No More Death By Bullet Points - +Haiku Deck Isn't Just An App Anymore
Ever wonder how those brilliant TED talks come to be? Sure most of TED's presenters are brilliant but let's put that aside for a moment and ask how the rest of us can create beautiful, moving and visual presentations?

Haiku Deck is a secret weapon I got from +Mark Traphagen and it rocks content marketing in several ways including:

* Makes creative commons accessible and easy to use.
* Helps create visual juxtapositions (wrote about importance of those yesterday ).
* Changes the way you THINK about presenting your content.

What is the cost of a tool capable of changing how you think about content? ITS FREE! There are images you can purchase, but I've created almost ten presentations without buying an image yet. Will the "paid" group go up?

Sure it has too, but no worries since Haiku Deck is adopting a HBR-like micro-payment model. Not like Getty where you get to pay WAY TOO MUCH since the half life of any image we use these days is days and soon hours MORE and BETTER rock.

Kudos and thanks to MARK for yet another major discovery (wish we could just put Mark in a room, bring him is food and create stuff that comes out of his head, probably would want to leave the room on every now and again though so not a perfect plan yet :). M
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