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Chicago from Lincoln Park

Thanks for all the votes!
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Ricardo Lagos10:54 AM
gah -- i'm intrigued.. and love the geometry .. 
Leigh Shulman10:56 AM
Very intriguing. Love the colors and shapes. #save2  
Shawn McClure11:00 AM
Very well composed, nice light, and geometries! #save3
Andy Ruefenacht11:00 AM
love the shot and shadows show it was taken at the right time! #save  
Matt Shalvatis11:01 AM
Interesting geometric patterns.   #save3  
Martin Dzurjanik11:17 AM
interesting..., nice colors and shapes... #save6  if i count right
Arnold Watson11:21 AM
What an incredible shot! 
Michael Austin Kane11:36 AM
Love the framing and sky detail. Nice shot. #save7
Mel Surdin11:37 AM
Fabulous photograph … love the angle and composition …#save8
Al Nesbit11:41 AM
I can't add anything to what has been said already, so #save9  
Jennifer Eden11:49 AM
It's all been said! #save10  
Angie McMonigal11:56 AMEdit
Thanks for the saves everyone!
I totally missed shooting this the last time I was in Chicago.  It's definitely on my list of things to shoot. :)
+Thomas Hawk , I love this pavilion, so many great ways to shoot if and it frames the city perfectly! I still want to get there at night sometime to shoot. Look forward to seeing your shots of it when you're back in town:)
+Alistair Nicol wayyyyy to long, but I was in Chicago specifically a few months back shooting.  This past Chicago trip I shot the river architecture tour, the Sears Tower, the Hancock Tower, the aquarium, the Roy Lichtenstein show at the Art Institute of Chicago, and a lot more stuff, but was not able to make it up to the park where the zoo and this structure is.  So much in Chicago I still need to shoot.  Must go back!  :)
lol +Thomas Hawk.  I knew it must be long but at the rate you are going shooting and processing is it growing or shrinking.  
I wasn't able to vote for this but, I think this is wonderful. I love how you framed this.
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