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The 60 million the school has to pay is  only 12 million a year for 5 years. So it not as bad as some people think. I think the NCAA did not do enough. The whole football program should have been shut down for a least a year. 

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My biggest concern was the kids being allowed to leave, because be honest, they had nothing to do with it...but seeing they they can transfer immediately, I would like to see something more harsh. 
They (Penn State) should have gotten the Death Penalty, ON TOP of the sanctions leveled today!
Sorry, but children were abused. This was not a recruiting violation or payments made to an athlete-student!
the amount of civil suits being filed against PEDO STATE U (PSU) for their role in the heinous criminal activity, rape, torture and abuse of children have some experts saying it will result in the hundreds of millions.  GOOD!
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