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Note 2, PA 3.60:
Unable to install non play store's apps! Unable to click Install! Why?
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Disabled Halo> Install app> re-enable Halo...

Android has a security feature that prevents apps being sideloaded whilst an overlay is onscreen, this has been fixed in more up to date iterations of PA.
Google prevents third party installs while an overlay is active. 
HALO is an overlay

Deactivate HALO - install app - reactivate HALO
Today I learned! Thanks google for having us in mind!
+Jason Newman Do you know which versions it is fixed in? I guess each individual device's maintainer would have to say. :/
Can't really say because the Nexus 4 PA version were messed up, 3.56 and 3.57 both said 3.60...
I think the 7th or maybe previous build on the N4 circumvented the security feature?
+Curtis Mayers Do you know?
Which Note II variant are you using?
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