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Angelo Varlotta

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The astonishing changes and progress that have occurred in the field of population genetics over the past 50 years #biology #history #genetics
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Your DNA - your say! What do people think about sharing their genomic data?
It is really important to find out what genomic data donors all over the world think about sharing their data. Do they actually want it to be shared, and if yes, with whom?
We do everything for the benefit of patients. We are a non-profit organisation empowering efficient access and sharing of genomics data.
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Angelo Varlotta

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Roma, 22 maggio 2016

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Angelo Varlotta

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One of the hardest steps in the origin of life on Earth may have been easier than chemists thought.
RNA molecules are thought to be some of the earliest self-replicators that led to life. Now their building blocks have been made to self-assemble in a lab
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Angelo Varlotta

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Cimaza  is a small self-funded company with an academic orientation that focuses on providing teaching methods by combining tools that are borrowed from Comics

Head Office

Matera, Basilicata

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Angelo Varlotta

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. bionode and Hackday - Crawling genomic datasets with node.js Campus London #data #bioinformatics
Sponsored by Repositive - connecting the world of genomic data From the volunteers and organisers of and DNAdigest and with the support from Campus London comes a new hackday! Genomic data access is difficult and time consuming, a real hurdle for advances in cancer and genetic diseases research. Our ambition is to build tools, which integrate with modern web apps and web technologies, and provide a smooth data access workflow to power ...
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Angelo Varlotta

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As I listen to friends (and not quite friends) describe what’s compelling about Donald Trump, I am constantly drawn back to the same thought: What makes the man so terrifying is his insanely erratic behavior. Say what you want about his independence from big money (except of course Sheldon’s), or about his willingness to say what’s true (except of course the conspiracy theories (birther/JFK/Vince Foster/climate is not changing) that he just can’t...
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Angelo Varlotta

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I just earned the PHP Loops badge on @treehouse! Come join me & get 50% off your 1st month!
Learn how to build websites & apps, write code or start a business.
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Angelo Varlotta

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The comic Zanzare (Zan-za-reh: “mosquitoes” in Italian) is part of the ongoing miniseries The Amazing Adventures of the Virologists: The Regatjes (
published by Cimaza (

Zanzare tells the story of Hivi’s friends – the arboviruses! Many of these ARBOviruses (ARthropod-BOrne viruses) cause severe illnesses. Vaccines have become available for some, but others still have no treatment. Some are becoming a real nightmare for mankind, especially the Zika virus, which “might possibly” cause microcephaly and Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS). Sounds technical? Don’t worry: all will be explained in a dazzling mixture of adventure and scientific information in these episodes.

All set? Now, let’s begin the Zika Adventures!
Scenario and Artwork: Dr. Susan Nasif
Editor: Dr. Adam Wilson
Colorist: Daniela Barisone
Lettering: Francesco Adorisio
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