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Where is everybody?
Where is everybody?

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This interview focuses on the open source DataSHIELD software that enables you to take the analysis to the data, not the data to the analysis. Just like the software itself, this interview is a result of a group effort.
The DataSHIELD project is co-ordinated by the Data to Knowledge (D2K) Research Group from the School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol.

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The astonishing changes and progress that have occurred in the field of population genetics over the past 50 years #biology #history #genetics

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. bionode and Hackday - Crawling genomic datasets with node.js Campus London #data #bioinformatics

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Your DNA - your say! What do people think about sharing their genomic data?
It is really important to find out what genomic data donors all over the world think about sharing their data. Do they actually want it to be shared, and if yes, with whom?

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Roma, 22 maggio 2016

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One of the hardest steps in the origin of life on Earth may have been easier than chemists thought.

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I just earned the PHP Loops badge on @treehouse! Come join me & get 50% off your 1st month!

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Cimaza  is a small self-funded company with an academic orientation that focuses on providing teaching methods by combining tools that are borrowed from Comics

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