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Fresh new blog post with fresh new pic :-)

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Remember it is Never LOVE you are letting go but ( unhealthy ) dependency and attachment.

TRAUMA WORK - revisiting your childhood wounds - can very much help you to FEEL that and it's super helpful in acceptance what IS.

Once you truly Reconnect with your inner child, little you who was emotionally neglected or abused, starved of affection, love, care and connection and HEAL those broken aspects of self - ONLY THEN - you can truly Let Go and Feel Love, Peace and Joy in your Heart.

Conquer your mountain <3
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The reason we have so much anger, rage and violence in our world.

Blaming and shaming angry adults Can Never 'fix the problem' - nor it can help them heal that aspect of Self.

We must see, hear, FEEL, tune into our collective PAIN.

I challenge us all to face our FEAR of the emotion called ANGER - as only when we ourselves get comfortable with that painful emotion ( the same way we have learned to be OK with the grief and crying ) - can we have A COMPASSION for others who suffer with it.

And just the same as crying baby NEEDS to be picked up and comforted - angry adults need to be comforted and LOVED.

May we all commit to Work on our Fears more.

May we all commit to live in our HEARTS more.

Conquer your mountain! <3
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Guess I am the wild one 😜

"Being wild is a call that emerges deep from THE HEART; a call that everyone has, but not everyone follows.

To criticise or to condemn those who chose to pursue the call of FREEDOM instead of a complying with society's model is a symptom of the decease of dissatisfaction and depression that plagues the collective unconscious, which, while doing nothing creative to explore their hearts and souls, they have too much time to talk about others.

A clear sign of the unhappiness that dazes the world." Manel Blanco
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Super Personal video invite to our Mayfair workshop where I talk about my own hardships, decades of my own emotional struggles, life in London, our human starvation for a true, deep emotional connection ( and our denial about it ), what actually is inner child work and how it works, why I do what I do today, and so on....

From the orphanage in Croatia and homeless in London to truly LIVING my JOY around the the world - I hope this video MOVES you in the direction of your own Freedom, Authenticity and Joy.

And if you feel you need help with any of that - join us in Mayfair London this coming May, take your power back - start Living instead of Surviving.

In case you would rather come to Austria, Croatia, Slovenia or Bulgaria, we will be there too ;-)

Conquer your mountain!
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Our prosperity consciousness is not dependent upon Money – our flow of money is dependent upon our - PROSPERITY CONSCIOUSNESS.

Our Core Beliefs are mostly Subconscious and are a huge part of our – HUMAN SHADOW.

We can NEVER attract Prosperity into our life – IF we are constantly sending out vibrational waves of Poverty and Lack.

In this workshop we'll get super busy working on our negative subconscious core beliefs around Money and Abundance in general.

As we do have The Choice - to struggle against our Negative Core Beliefs every day of our busy life - OR to focus specifically on Doing THE WORK necessary to ALTER them FOR GOOD.
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A beautiful, humble, moving story of failures and suffering with a powerful message:

"Even at the moment of your FAILURE - right then - you are BEAUTIFUL.

You don't know it yet, but you have the ability to reinvent yourself endlessly.

You can be a drunk, a survivor of abuse, you can be an ex-con, you can be a homeless person, you can lose all your money, or your job or your husband or your wife, or the worst thing of all, a child.
You can even lose your marbles.
You can be standing dead center in the middle of your failure, and still - YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.

Your story deserves to be heard.
Because you, you rare and phenomenal Misfit, you new species, are - THE ONLY ONE in the room who can tell the story the way only YOU would."
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In my work I am super blessed to be able to help people suffering with a severe depression, anxiety, PTSD or the ones on the verge of suicide.
I have just completed 3.5 hours long trauma healing session with the client who, just couple a days ago, was about to take her own life.
This video: helped her shift and look for help.
To see peace, relief and a big smile on her face at the end of our session today ( she hasn't smiled in 5 years :( ) was one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received.
It saddens and angers me that mainstream psychology still very much just tiptoes around our human trauma.
I find it Extremely upsetting that someone who pays for ongoing sessions with psychologists and psychiatrists for TEN YEARS has - her FIRST proper emotional release in ONE SESSION of alternative psychotherapy, where she is for THE FIRST TIME finally allowed to FEEL and RELEASE all her 'negative' emotions, where all her emotions are OK to feel.
Whilst it can be important to define, identify and measure the problems for which people seek help, using the language of Medical Disease to describe the understandable, human and indeed normal response of people to traumatic or distressing circumstances in traditional psychiatric diagnosis are often more HARMFUL than helpful.
In this case client of mine after being diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression for ten years got almost pushed into a suicide with the latest borderline personality disorder diagnosis done by her psychologist a few days ago.
We MUST move away from the Disease Model, which assumes that emotional distress is merely symptomatic of biological illness and instead embrace an Emphatetic model of mental health and well-being that recognizes our essential and shared HUMANITY.
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BEAUTIFUL speech <3

This talk is my bread and butter.

It is my work and it is my LIFE.

Many people often ask me what do I do for living and what my sessions&workshops are all about.

They are about all this - helping people with the super powerful and practical tools to FEEL, Accept, Validate and Release their 'negative' emotions to set themselves free in order to live a healthier life.

"Rigid denial of our unwanted emotions doesn't work. It is unsustainable.

Only DEAD people never get stressed, upset, angry, anxious, scared, sad......

You might think you are in control of unwanted emotions when they in fact control you.

Internal pain ALWAYS comes out.

And who pays the price? You do."
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An AMAZING & MUST SEE video for - EVERYONE - regardless of your current relationship status, So Much to LEARN here!!! <3
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