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I noticed that Buzz is "somewhat" in Google+... like if you click on your own profile you'll find your buzz stuff under a tab there. But why they cannot just integrate Buzzes into Stream? e.g. gtalk status changes?
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Maybe privacy issues? Like which circle will your status updates be displayed to. Maybe they can auto-create a gmail contact circle and display status updates there by default.
They probably will. Currently, my google reader is connected to my buzz which I guess is connected to G+. Ideally I can directly share science papers to you from google reader. I guess they are slowly integrating all of the services as they gradually build the G+ community.
Waiting impatiently for integration with Reader.
All of the issues you all raised are understandable... but the point is, this question of "What's going to happen to Buzz" was one of the first things people asked about Google+ (some even said "What's the difference?" at first), so you'd think they'd fix it quickly to remove this confusion. I can't imagine it would be that hard to merge the two incoming streams...
They're probably thinking about it, but I wouldn't expect this to be fixed soon. When I brought this up to some Googlers, they were just like, Chung, you must be the only person in the world who's still using Buzz. My guess is that they're going to just replace and not merge with Buzz, especially now that you can just export your Buzz data (as if anyone would).
I should extract all the Buzz data before they shut it down...
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