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Freedom Runner by Angela A Stanton is in transparent water color with my technique of bubbles representing motion and spirit. It is a colorful hand painting representing the best in all: freedom.
Freedom Runner by Angela A Stanton
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If you or someone you know has migraines, you need to read the review of this doctor of this book and then get the book for yourself or your loved ones! It is only $3 digital or under $18 paperback.
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Angela Stanton

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In the Park Near Times Square by Angela A. Stanton. I was in New York in 2014 and truly enjoyed this little park near Times Square and I think at 40th but not sure. The trees were just beautiful. This is an unusual art: it is water color with transparent glaze atop to give an oil painting effect but with the looseness of water color. The glaze shows up as texture and will print on your choice of medium as texture.
In The Park Near Times Square by Angela A Stanton
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Daydreaming Sitting Cat Guard by Angela A. Stanton is actually my older son's cat Rusty and his favorite spot is sitting on a chair in front of the fish tank. :) I found this really cute and decided to paint it. Hand painted in acrylic and accented with oil. The oil accents are heavily textured as water bubbles.
Daydreaming Sitting Cat Guard by Angela A Stanton
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Angela Stanton

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The View from Above by Angela A. Stanton is a water color painting after I photograph I took from the airplane window while flying over parts of Canada. The water is this light blue glacier water and the scenery was just gorgeous. It was actually summertime, so I hope to have captured a bit of spring/summer vibration in the air.
The View From Above by Angela A Stanton
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Angela Stanton

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FDA Report a Drug Adverse Reaction

The FDA has MedWatch to allow consumers to report adverse medical conditions but every time I try to find the link, they move it to hide it. So I decided to dedicate a page here for the link that I can update periodically! Here is the link as of now.  So…
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Originally posted on Montony with Style:I’m 37 and I’ve had migraines for my entire life. When I was a child, I couldn’t swallow pills and I couldn’t take soluble aspirin, so I used to get light sensitive and vomit and have to sleep it off on a regular…
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Migraines? Read this Review of my book by a doctor!

I have a migraine group on Facebook “Migraine Sufferers who Want to be Cured” where I currently have over 1500 members. Many have achieved great success with reading my book “Fighting The Migraine Epidemic: How To Treat and Prevent Migraines Without…
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Winter Waterfall by Angela A. Stanton is painted after a photo with permission from Sharilynn Paolotto Battaglia who took the original photo whose mood captured my attention. This painting is a mix of oil pastel and oil paint.
Winter Waterfall by Angela A Stanton
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The Beauty of a Bamboo Fence by Angela A. Stanton is a mixed painting of water color with oil spray. It is an experimental painting style I am working on. This is a true bamboo fence (between planters) at my son's house that I fell in love with. It is magnificent.
The Beauty Of A Bamboo Fence by Angela A Stanton
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Angela Stanton

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FDA MedWatch adverse reaction to drugs reporting system hide and seek! Here is the link now!
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Lakeside in the Morning by Angela A. Stanton is an iPad painting by hand using several apps, one of the Waterlogued and the other Artrage. I enlarged on the computer to be printable in any large size. The texture is precise water color with wonderful reflection. It matches any decor.
Lakeside In The Morning by Angela A Stanton
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Author, scientist, photographer, painter, wife, mom, and animal lover--not necessarily in this order
I am a scientist in a new field that combines neuroscience and human decision making. I am the author of the book "Fighting the Migraine Epidemic; How to Treat and Prevent Migraines without Medicines. An Insider's View" published everywhere in paperback and e-book. I am also a painter. You can find my work (mostly paintings) at FineArtAmerica and my photography at StantonPhotoStudios website. Some of  my photography is also published at National Geographic website. Look in the Published and the Editor's favorite folders. :)
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Contributing author in the Encyclopedia of the Mind, National Geographic published photographer
Scientist - retired now and only write books.
  • Scientific Researcher
    author, 2003 - present
    My doctorate is in a new field called NeuroEconomics, which probably means nothing to you. It is a combination of two fields: neuroscience and economic (or financial) decision-making. I run experiments with brain chemicals (hormones or neurotransmitters to be more precise) and monitor how your behavior and decision making changes as a result. NeuroEconomics has turned both the field of Economics and the field of Psychology on its head since we showed that the brain makes decisions purely on chemicals and not mathematical logic.
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Pregnancy Toes – What Sugar Does to Feet - Hormones Matter

Pregnancy toes, those swollen appendages attached to your feet, do you know what causes them? I have an idea and it's not what you think.

Fluoroquinolone Antibiotic Dangers: Why Didn't They Tell Me? - Hormones ...

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Sweet Death by Sugar - Hormones Matter

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Learn how migraines and hormones are connected in female monthly cycles, pregnancy, and menopause.

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Jimi and his Magic Guitar by Angela Stanton

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Busy, Wait Your Turn Shower Curtain Shower Curtain by Angela A Stanton |...

Hundreds of thousands of art designs on our unique shower curtains. Made from 100% easy care polyester our designer shower curtains are prin

Migraine Anatomy

With cortical spreading depression and depolarized regions we can see the anatomy of a migraine using fMRI

Migraines, Salt, and Hydration; What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!

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Dehydration and Salt Deficiency Trigger Migraines - Hormones Matter

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Sweet Blue Merle Puppy Framed Art Print by Open Door Animal Sanctuary | ...

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I filed a claim and signed a retainer in May of 2014 with the statutory limit running out on this medical case in April of 2015. I kept on updating the attorney (Carl) as much as I had received information--several citations from the Department of Health, etc., against all institutions that committed violations in the questioned medical case that ended in my mother's death. The law firm received no update since September of 2014 because no additional work was completed by any of the State investigators (perhaps on purpose so I would run out of statutory time!) but I was made to believe all along that the case was going to be filed in January, 2015--in fact I was told this in December of 2014 that it will be filed. I have called in January (3 times plus sent 3 emails) and on the 4th of February, with 2 months left for my statutory limit running out, they sent a completely incompetent law student of sort to call me and tell me that they dropped the case. This law student knew nothing about the case; confused all the hospitals, kept on saying Department of Pharmacology rather than Department of Pharmacy (a lawyer who cannot keep THAT much in memory for 3 minutes?) and acted rude. His last sentence was equivalent to what a 5-year old would say "I was gonna recommend something else to you but now I won't"... This is an attorney? This is a legitimate legal company? I seriously doubt they can win any case with the attitude they have and how they handle their clients. Carl McMahan sent me one-sentence letters without "hello", without name, without signature. So unprofessional! It seems I was a "casual little dumb" person, which of course I am not. Do not waste your time with a law firm. Find a real law firm that represents your style. This law firm is not for well educated people; they may serve well for those who are clueless. I am not one of those and neither are you if you are reading this review!
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One of the most incompetent doctors I have ever met. He destroyed my mother completely and created a record of misdiagnosis that followed her and has completely destroyed her heart and brain. Avoid at all cost!
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