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Positivicat's Quote of The Day!

"REMEMBER: When stuck in a room between 2 refrigerators, always use your magical unicorn summoner to escape."   -positivicat   (=`ω´=)

POSITIVICAT! The cat who gives dumb quotes about everything. :D
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Angela Mia

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What accent? ;)
“Don’t eat gabagool, Grandma,” says Meadow Soprano on an early episode of The Sopranos, perhaps the most famous depiction of Jersey Italian culture in the...
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Very interesting article. 
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Angela Mia

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I had to stop taking it over the summer due to the unstoppable hordes of mosquitoes, but I am thinking about trying it again soon. In the meantime, I watch it out the windows of the sunroom like a junkie.

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Angela Mia

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"You can still see where the water was
In a line at the top of the chimney bricks
Sometimes, something so broken can never be fixed
So we saved a few things that were spared
And brought it to the ground
Cause you always build it better the second time around"

+Christopher Slee ♥
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Love it!
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Angela Mia

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Crap, now I have to move. 
Online retailing giant Amazon said today that it will start collecting sales taxes on purchases made by Ohioans as part of its investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in the state.
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IT isn't on every item. I am not sure how it works but this started 1 or 2 years ago where I am and sometimes there is tax and sometimes not. I don't know if it has to be from the local warehouse or if there is some other role. 

But I am eligible for free same day shipping now, so I will gladly pay the tax if I don't have to drive/walk to get something
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Angela Mia

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Have you heard of this YouNow thing?
I have no words.
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I agree, +Sean Schmidt... Ugh. I think maybe it could be a cool thing for live music or watching a talented artist but I don't see much of that. It's mostly people just looking at themselves on their monitor and thanking people for watching. Narcissism meets voyeurism. Ick.
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Angela Mia

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Shoe shopping at Meijer's, and my son says:

"Rocket Dog? More like BALLET CHICKEN."

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Can totally see breakdance gecko
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Angela Mia

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The screen door slams, Mary's dress waves...
Home for Sale | $299,000 | 2 Bed , 1 Full Bath | Single Family Home | 11
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*grin*  I am amused that Belovèd Spousal Unit (another NJ native, and a Springsteen fan) had to read the description before he realized what he was looking at.  But then, I didn't show him your post (which would have given it away), just the link.  ;>
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Happy Fursday
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We just moved into a new neighborhood that has a private website on Nextdoor, a free and private social networking site for communities. It's really pretty cool. Using it, I've been able to get know my neighbors, I found out about some local events, attended a block party, found a babysitter, sold some things, bought some things, got rid of my moving boxes, joined a book club, helped someone find their lost dog, and talked with other neighbors about local issues. (Oh, yeah, and listened to some people gripe about other neighbors and heard some gossip, too, but what social media site would be complete without that?) ;)

Check to see if your neighborhood has a Nextdoor site, and if it doesn't, I recommend starting one.
Over 69,000 communities across the U.S. are using Nextdoor to strengthen their neighborhoods.
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My friend Eric and his wife Mary knew their fraternal twin boys would be born prematurely. What they didn't know was that their boys had Down syndrome. Since that moment, and with grace and elegance and the fire of a thousand suns, Eric has helped change the world. He started the Shane and Wyatt Down Syndrome Foundation, which provides educational tools and financial assistance to families of children with Down syndrome. He is an awesome man and a fantastic father. Please help him win a donation to his foundation by clicking on this picture and and then clicking "Like" on Facebook. (I can't believe I just typed those words, but there they are.) And please Share it to your friends so they can help, too. (I can't believe I typed that either.)

Thanks in advance. You did a good thing. :)
"I nominate my husband Eric. When I had my twins Shane and Wyatt I never realized the impact that it would have on mine and my husband's life. I was...
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Thank you, +Jim Preis​! 
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Angela Mia

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+Scott M I find myself trying to suffocate Snuffleupagus a few times a week. 
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