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Many interesting premises throughout the interview. (Emphasis added below.) "Traditional universities do three valuable things that other institutions don’t. All three require talented faculty members with scholarly training. These things are (1) discovering and disseminating new knowledge, (2) preserving the discoveries of the past, and (3) personally mentoring students in ways that allow them to participate in (1) and (2). Doing these things well takes special training. It is inherently expensive, because the processes involved are hard to automate or even systematize very much. Still the value is great, and society needs universities to do these 'jobs.' The trick is to get the jobs done at a price that students and society can afford."

An additional trick would be convincing society that the authors are correct. +Laura Gibbs +Donna Murdoch +Don Inbody +Justin Schwamm +Billy Hung +Anissa Goyal Stein Just making sure you see this, pass it on...
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