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Angela Korra'ti
Writer! Amateur musician! Fangirl of Quebecois and Newfoundland trad! Come find my books at!
Writer! Amateur musician! Fangirl of Quebecois and Newfoundland trad! Come find my books at!

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This just got formally announced at work so now I'll say so here: WOO I got promoted! I'm going from QA Engineer II to SDET II. \0/

(For those of you who don't know what an SDET is, it stands for Software Development Engineer in Test. Which basically means, kind of cross between a tester and a developer. I'm still a tester but a lot more of my work will be oriented around writing test code to do my testing, vs. loading up web pages and looking at them manually. And I'll be learning how to do more complex testing as well, under-the-hood sorts of things that a user would not see but which support what a user does eventually see.)

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And now, a break from politics as I post on Here Be Magic today, with a rundown of ten of my favorite romantic couples. C'mon over and check out my list, and tell me about your favorite romances in the comments!

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Aw, this sucks. :( If anybody who follows me is a Samhain customer, better go make sure you've got downloaded copies of your purchases with them. And if you've published through them, many sympathies for this loss of your market!

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In memory of Richard Hatch, who was both Captain Apollo and Tom Zarek in Battlestar Galactica. RIP sir. So say we all.

Okay, from what I've discovered, the vulnerability that was in 4.7.1 only allowed an attacker to modify a previous post or page. One of my posts got dinged, as did a post on the site for I have restored both posts to their previous revisions, and as near as I can tell, there isn't anything else amiss. And we're updated to 4.7.2, so the vulnerability should be closed. That said, if anybody notes anything amiss on or, let me know!

swears Goddammit, one of my recent Wordpress posts got hacked, and I've been informed that another of the Wordpress sites we host got hit too. I THINK this is because of a security issue in 4.7.1 that I happened to miss because I didn't update to 4.7.2 fast enough. Now I have to do a review of all the Wordpress sites on the server. >_<

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SEATTLE AREA LOCALS: We have a Winter Storm Warning. The National Weather Service says 3-6 inches possible in the Seattle area, with up to 8 inches possible closer to the Cascades. Timing is 6pm tonight through 4pm tomorrow. Pay attention to the forecasts today, people!

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Opening round of book acquisitions for 2017! Let's see how long it takes me to do more.

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Something that is not only not horrible but in fact ACTIVELY AWESOME: you guys! I have a rough draft of the cover for the forthcoming Warder Soul! Urban fantasy cover with a bouzouki player, baby! \0/

HEADS UP, Seattle locals: word's going around at my day job that several cars parked at the 1st Avenue garage just south of Key Arena have been broken into and/or vandalized. One of my coworkers reports he's on the phone with the cops, as his car was broken into. One of my teammates just ducked out to go check on his car. If you park in that garage or in the immediate area, you better check on your vehicle. (Editing to add: Coworker talking to the cops re: his car says Seattle PD advises that unless you've had over $1,500 worth of something stolen from the vehicle, best way to report is online.)
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