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Angela Hoffman
Helping you find your Homeschool Groove!
Helping you find your Homeschool Groove!


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For all you hard working moms and dads out there who add #homeschooling  to the mix..

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Are you hitting a wall when it comes to teaching #Writing‬   in your #homeschool ?
We use a great curriculum to help teach the writing process; but even when a curriculum is great, you will have times when everyone just needs something new and different.

Rather than keep purchasing new curriculum, consider breathing new life into your subject.

Here's how we have fun with writing and how we do it without picking up a pen or pencil.

I wrote "Supporting Young Writers in Your Homeschool with Great Literature" to contribute to +iHomeschool Network link up called How to Teach Without a Curriculum

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Have budding #entrepreneurs in your #homeschool ?

Join +Tyler Hogan from +Bright Ideas Press for a G+ #hangoutsonair   entitled Teaching Entrepreneurs at Home

Hangout is this Thursday, May 12/16 at 1:30 p.m. EST

Circle +Bright Ideas Press and RSVP this event so you will get a reminder to attend.

You'll also want to invite your #homeschooling friends to this one!

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Looking for a great #Geography curriculum for your older #homeschool kids? 

Do you need to find something to support your high school goals and count towards credits?

You need to check out North Star Geography from +Bright Ideas Press!

PIN it!

In this post I give you a peek into the curriculum and why  North Star Geography is a win for us and for our high school goals!

Don't forget to add +Bright Ideas Press to your circle of friends, they have a great blog as well as some great curriculum choices and resources for you to shop and enjoy!

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Ah, yes ... THAT day when meltdowns happen because... Math, or Writing.
Tears streaming, books slamming closed, pencils flying.
It can happen.

We all have a subject we find hard, or boring.

As adults, we have the advantage of maturity and experience to know that those subjects are still essential building blocks for future endeavors.  Our kids, however, just know that for them it is hard or boring.

So, how can we help our kids move past the self-blocking and start moving towards embracing that dreaded subject?

" Hint: The answer does not include pulling out your hair or giving a lecture."

But... It does include you spending time together and accentuating the positive. smile emoticon
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Do you feel #homeschool burnout creeping in and taking hold?

It could be you tipped the delicate scales of life and are teetering on the side of Homeschool Mom Martyr.

Check out this post from +Jimmie Lanley

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We all have times where fear, worry and doubt can take hold and either send us into a tail spin or freeze us. 

But, having some coping strategies can help you Kick Homeschool Fear, Worry and Doubt To The Curb

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Are you looking for a way to add #Art  to your #homeschool  but feel at a loss as to where to start?
Let me introduce you to +Tricia Hodges and her #ChalkPastel  tutorials!
Unlock your inner artist and have fun with this forgiving medium!
  #YouAREanArtist   #ihsnet   #creativekids  
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Hey #homeschooling mom and dad, how is it going?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed?  You might want to consider letting go of a few things in your #homeschool

And remember, we all go about this homeschool thing a little differently.

Here are some ideas to help you keep an open mind and to not be afraid to change things up if need be.

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A post from +Bright Ideas Press with tips on how you can use The Mystery of History for High School Credit.

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