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Angela Ford
Author - Romantic Suspense
Author - Romantic Suspense

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STILL...FREE with Angela Ford
STILL by Angela Ford The unsolved murder in the park of Brianna's sister becomes personal. Homicide has no leads but Brianna does. Signed into the same chat group her sister used, she lures the killer her way. What she discovers will change her life forever...

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M U R D E R M Y S T E R Y R O M A N C E PROVOKED by Angela Ford A Well Crafted Who Done It ? A complex, plot-driven detective
story and a complex, emotionally strong woman.  What are you capable of doing if you have
no choice?   Basia thought she had
the pe...

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Murder Mystery Romance
Abused, humiliated, and threatened, left her no choice.
But his death haunts her.

PROVOKED by Angela Ford ONLY 99 CENTS!
Paperback ONLY $5.99!

Escape with a book by Angela Ford 

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Escape with a Book by Angela Ford
Join me at Romantic Escapes...Sometimes Sweet...Sometimes Spicy...Sometimes Suspenseful.
Read my short suspense STILL free at my chapter added each month in 2017! 

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FREE ROMANCE Feb 14-16 Angela Ford
FREE Romance by Angela Ford Feb 14-16 Love Again    Madi Wilson’s life had been perfect. Or so she thought. After thirty-five years, her husband left her for a younger version of her. Her husband Dr. Nick Wilson, head of Cardiology, saved hearts but crushed...

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CODE REDHEAD Proceeds to Cancer Research
CODE REDHEAD Genre : Multiple Genres Content Warning: Sweet Contemporary to Erotica Thirteen authors have come together to be part of a fundraising project called Code Redhead – A Serial Novel. Sharon Kleve, Jennifer Conner, Chris Karlsen, Angela Ford, Tamm...

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FREE! Suspense Read Every Month 2017!
Join me at Romantic Escapes to read STILL...a short suspense that made it to the screenwriting semi-finals! Now FREE for my Readers <3 Each month in 2017...I add a new chapter...Stop by now to read the beginning and January's chapter...February's coming soon!

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Join me at my blog for a FREE suspense read in 2017!

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New Release for Code Redhead - A Serial Novel
When children are effected by Cancer, it is heart wrenching for them and their loved ones.  You can make a
difference in their young lives by purchasing a copy of the Code Redhead Project.  Sixteen of your favorite Best-Selling authors have
come together to...
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