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Angela Field

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Not only sizes but also, color, religion, age, gender... God loves every man, woman and child!! 
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Angela Field

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Who are your favorite heroes and holy people??
We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer suffi...
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Jesus Christ
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Cave Hot Tub, Santorini, Greece
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Angela Field

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Mabuhay, Philippines! Spotify here.
Starting today, you can sign up for your own Spotify account for free!
Mabuhay, everyone!We are thrilled to announce that we’re bringing a new world of music to the Philippines today.There are over 30 millions of songs on Spotify in the Philippines – from your favouri...
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Angela Field

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"Real new vision, God’s new vision, always brings challenge and change. But if we rule change out beforehand, it negates the prayer. The greatest danger…is the kind of blindness exemplified by the Pharisees. This is the mechanism of the will…which enables us determinedly not to see the truth when it is unmistakeably presented to our eyes. …And we must note carefully: this is the special sin of religious people, when we get so bound up in our own interpretation of Scripture and tradition, or in preserving our religious institutions and the status quo, that in order to protect them we will be prepared to turn truth, reason, love and justice upside down – all in the name of God himself. It is the syndrome that down the centuries has led so many Christians to suppress their best human instincts in order to …oppress those whose vision differed from theirs, and to claim Christ’s sanction for it….The sin of the Pharisees drove them to crucify Jesus, and it remains the deadliest sin to which the religious are prone."
Three Healings of the Blind: Meaning for Today ...the doctrine of original sin exactly expresses the view of all the New Testament writers: that all human beings, though capable of union with God, ...
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Beautiful thoughts +Angela Field 
Add a comment... - ***National Jewish Book Awards 2012, Finalist***Dorot Foundation Award for Modern Jewish Thought and ExperienceAn impassioned, erudite, thoroughly researche...
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#LayAngelica   #Independent   #Religion  If you made 10 more commandments what would they be??
New dawns in the Church of England come round with all the regularity of the liturgical seasons. So every new Archbishop of Canterbury is hailed as the one finally to solve the problems of dwindling congregations and doctrinal divisions, and every Lambeth Conference gathering of the 28 million-strong worldwide Anglican Communion is held up as potentially reuniting and refocusing what has become little more than a loose association of peoples with...
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Photos of the Day: The Streets of Rome

7 more photos of beautiful Rome you'll want to see

Photographer: Alice T.

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Amazing place +Steven Hughes and +Angela Field 
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Angela Field

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Nice work Christine!! 
Tools To Help Find Fans For Your Brand Page
I manage several brand pages and have observed many others; I am convinced that there is a "tipping point" that you need to achieve before your page will begin growing organically. I also believe that this "tipping point" cannot be achieved (or at least would be much more difficult to achieve) by following people at random or simply by being included in shared circles. While your follower counts may increase, long term success depends upon increased engagement so that your posts will extend beyond your followers via plus ones and reshares to help attract new followers. Until that happens, you need to actively identify and follow potential fans, as well as unfollow those that are not actively engaging with your brand.

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Building a following for a brand page on Google + is not easy - and building a following that is targeted, interested and engaged in your brand, product or service may seem next to impossible; however, there are tools that ca...
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Thank you +Angela Field! 
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Creative Mind Working Overtime
Typing by touch, keyboarding, 10-key, computing, social media networking, POS system operation, customer service specialist, sales, marketing, research, writing, communication, business, sociology and psychology, product design and development, market research, personal relations
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Oregon, USA
Angela Field is a creative minded innovator with the ability to synthesize.
Hi, my name is Angela Field and I am active in social media and networking on a variety of platforms. I love meeting, interacting, and learning with people all over the world in our global community. 

I embrace life and people, nature and spirituality, family and friends, life's mysteries and journey, music and dance, beauty and photography, travel and exploration, time and freedom, love and laughter. 
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2 Associate Degrees, Human Resources Certificate, Bachelors of Science Coursework in Social Sciences, Business, and Law...
  • Linfield College
    Business Law, Sociology, Psychology, Religion, etc.
  • Chemeketa Community College
    General Studies
    All the writing courses I could get, accompanied by anything I found intriguing which led me to the social sciences.
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The Great Partnership - ***National Jewish Book Awards 2012, Finalist***Dorot Foundation Award for Modern Jewish Thought and ExperienceAn impassi

'Favourite Heroes and Holy People' edited by Deborah Cassidi

We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of brea

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