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Whoa! New G+ just appeared. Hm... not dysfunctional like some other sites' redesigns, but the far right bar (which knocks my stream off center) is useless to me since I don't sign into chat from G+ (all of my IM programs are wrapped up in Trillian, including Google Chat). So, that's annoying.
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Also, where is the Notifications button??
Mine is still up in the right hand corner. Yours moved?
My stream now appears in the far left 1/3rd of my page. That's completely annoying, especially since most of the right half is either blank or taken up by the chat bar (which I almost never use). The new graphical elements aren't bad, but the layout is horrible. I feel like I'm only using about 1/3rd of my screen, and it's not even the center third.
Too much like the parts of Facebook/Twitter I hate. I don't need suggestions or trending or any of that. I just want to read what other people are posting, chat, and post pictures. That's it.
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