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Freelance travel writer, blogger and photographer at
Freelance travel writer, blogger and photographer at


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We all love to #travel and we all hate airline surcharges! Find out here how to avoid them
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A wonderful place to see at least once in a lifetime is Sardinia. Not only for the beaches in summer, this mysterious island offers a rich culture, colourful traditions, a myriad of festivals and hidden archaeological sites to be discovered. Our guide covers the most famous places as well as the hidden gems to dig deeper into the local life.
#Sardinia #Italy

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Always crowded with tourists, Florence offers amazing views, a rich culture and delicious food. Even though a very popular destination, though, often tourists are confused on how to book the tickets for the famous sites. In our guide, we explain everything and make it easy for everyone to have a smooth and pleasant trip.
#Italy #Florence

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Planning a trip to #Italy for the summer? Don't miss the beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches and age-old traditions of #Sardinia <3

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If you are travelling to Delhi, you really need a good hotel to relax and unplug from the city's traffic! Here are the best hotels in Delhi, #India

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You've been planning a perfect two-week Italy itinerary for a while and still feel in a stalemate? Don't worry, you're not alone.
Our article will guide you through the steps to take when planning a trip to Italy, what to pack, when is the best time to go and what to see and do.
#Italy #travel

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Picking a good hotel is essential for a good holiday. Here is our selection of the best budget hotels in #Rome!
#travel #hotels #Italy

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Traveling to #Rome? You definitely need to use the public transport. Read here how not to get stuck in traffic and how to have a smooth stay!
#travel #Italy

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Rome is beautiful, but also huge and chaotic! Do you want to spend a hassle-free Roman holiday without worrying about transport and lines? Check out the tours we recommend to explore the city, learn about its history and culture and sample its delicious food!
#Rome #Italy

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We fell in love with Turin! Our monumental guide will tell you what to visit, how to get around, where to eat, and where to stay in Italy's gorgeous first capital <3
#travel #Italy #Turin
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