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Angela Chien

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Today marks three years without Fiver, my first dog, my longest relationship, my shadow, my poop machine. I miss him still. I miss his tolerance of me, his patience with other dogs, his particular smell (I never realized that each dog has a different smell). I miss how he hoarded bones and dug his bed and taught himself complex commands and navigation skills but refused to do something as simple as sit. I miss how he worshipped his automatic feeder and found every patch of sun and claimed it for his own. I miss the jingle of his tags and his particular clicking gait when he trotted around the house. For such a small dog, Fiver left a very big hole in my world when he left. I miss you, buddy, I hope you're eating bananas in the sun.
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The fact that we remember the best ones so well, gives their lives meaning. I'm sorry you feel sad today.
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Angela Chien

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Biggest (smallest?) Android fanboy
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Angela Chien

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As we wait for Star Wars to come out, I am thankful for Turkish Star Wars. 
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Angela Chien

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This guy is getting so much better at impulse control. I tried to teach him this last year, but he wasn't really ready for it. 
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Alice C
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Angela Chien

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Guys, look at this baby leopard. First and possibly cutest thing we saw in Namibia. Seriously.
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Oh really
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Angela Chien

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We're back from Namibia, and Google has been putting together some #autoawesome GIFs from my pics!
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Angela Chien

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My first explanation for this was that it must be the year of the pig coming up. But it's not, it's the year of the monkey. So... Why does this nine-pigged necklace exist? #hongkong
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The real question is why you didn't know about this sooner!
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Angela Chien

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Maybe my coworker will believe me if I tell her I'm really sorry, but I lost her 85 pound dog while dogsitting, and then start showing up with an uncannily similar dog. Plausible?
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Angela Chien

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School photo: nailed it. Wait a minute. Why aren't you in school?? When I was your age in dog years, I was finishing up law school! You're clearly adopted.
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+Sara Anderson it's the "sitting on the couch on a weekend, pants optional" thing. It runs in the family.
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Angela Chien

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Henry says: "Happy Me Day!" This is from about two years ago, shortly after he threw his lot in with us, mostly for the bones. #NationalDogDay  
Get your own Henry at
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Angela Chien

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#caturday GIF is much more awesome if made in Namibia.
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Angela Chien

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/cc +Anand Rao​
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Have her in circles
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Private tub room with steam room is an awesome way to relax and catch up with friends. The massage is OK, but after trying both, we're sticking to the tub rooms.
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A solid option that makes it into our short list whenever we're considering going out to eat in the South Bay. Fun cocktails, and the food is good (although sometimes on the salty side). Reservations recommended.
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Pros: 24-hour vet with in-house pharmacy, which is super-convenient. Cons: It's on the pricey side, and since there are so many vets, you rarely see the same one, so they don't get to know your pet's issues very well.
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One of the few places we go to again and again. Stick to the skewers (my personal favorites are the pork cheeks and the tomatoes wrapped in thinly sliced pork).
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