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Angela Campbell
Romance Author. Admirer of Men in Tights. All-Around Weirdo.
Romance Author. Admirer of Men in Tights. All-Around Weirdo.

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2016, Go Away, I Don't Like You
I don’t know about you, but 2016 can’t go away fast enough
for me. I won’t speak to world events, but I swear this year has been out to
get me on a personal level. As in 2016 is that bear from "The Revenant" and I'm Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t normally talk ...

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My Adult Tonsillectomy: Holy hell, that hurt (and still does)
One week ago I had a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and septum (sinus) surgery all in one go. Because, apparently, I'm an overachiever in all things, thank you very much.  Surprisingly, I had quite a few people direct message me and ask me to share my experi...

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Is Connor still getting a book? Yes!
Each time a reader emails me now, it's to ask if Connor will be getting a book in my psychic detectives series. The simple answer: Yes! The complicated answer: Um, yes, eventually. I am thrilled people are still discovering my series, and I am very grateful...

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Review: 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'
I really didn't want to be one of those people who seemed to hate "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" before I saw it, so I tried — I really, really tried — to keep an open mind going into it. When I saw some reviews on twitter after its premiere from DC f...

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Book progress and my ramblings on 'Batman v. Superman'
Welp, here it is March 2016. Yes, I’m still alive and kicking! First, I want to thank all of the amazing folks who have discovered my books in recent months. I continue to get emails asking when my next book is coming out, so I want to let you all know that...

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Read my new novella for only 99 cents
I'm pleased to be a part of a boxed set that features some incredible authors in the paranormal and fantasy genres. HERE BE MAGIC features 8 magical tales from authors such as Rebecca York, Cindy Spencer Pape, and Veronica Scott. My story in the set is a br...

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Long time no write
For anyone who might have wondered what happened to me, well, I'm still kicking around. It turns out 2015 has not been the best year for me, writing-wise, because of numerous personal reasons I won't get into here. The good news is that I am writing again a...

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Written Fireside: Can't You See? Part 3 by Angela Campbell
Written Fireside: Can't You See? Noah Hale is an author suffering from PTSD related insomnia, needing peace and sleep. All he wants is to be left alone. A certain little dog has other ideas. Amanda Bell, a teacher, is grieving the loss of her sister, Rachel...

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Harper Impulse Fortnight: Feeling the love
In case you aren't aware, several book bloggers are celebrating all of the wonderful books being published by the Harper Impulse line — which publishes some of the best romantic fiction I've read in years. You can follow along on social media with the hasht...

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If I can do it, so can you
Anyone who knows me knows that I love animals. LOVE them. Cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, wolves, bears, elephants, snakes...well, maybe not so much on the snakes, but you get the idea. For the past year or so, I've gotten involved in animal transporting, whic...
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