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Fiction Genres: Sub-Genres in Romance
Before you write your short story or novel, choose a genre, so that you know that there’s an audience for your project. A genre is basically just a category.  I’ve been asked about genres for romance, so here’s a graphic which will help:

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Planning your fiction is easier when you think in scenes
A scene is defined as a unit of action; the operative word being ACTION. Something happens in a scene. If nothing much happens, it’s not a scene.

Let's look at the number of scenes you need for a short story, novella and novel. Once you know the number of scenes you can plan the bare bones of your story in a couple of minutes:

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NICE!!!!!!  Thanks +Angela Booth !!!!!
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Decisions, decisions. You want to write romance fiction, but...
I've had lots of questions about getting started with romance. Briefly, what you can read with pleasure, you can usually write:

New Adult is currently the hottest genre in romance; they sell an incredible amount. Indie authors have discovered New Adult, and rule in it.

Can you write it? Why not download some freebies from Amazon, and find out?

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Making the switch from nonfiction, to fiction
Freelancers have been asking me whether nonfiction writers can write fiction, specifically romance fiction:

In a nutshell, if you can read it with enjoyment, you can write it. Practice on short stories.
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Angela Booth

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Apologies if you're trying to access one of my sites...
Our hosting provider, Hostgator, has been down for the past hour, so let's hope that they get back online soon.

Please be patient. These sites are affected:

Murphy's Law strikes again... Anything that can go wrong will go wrong...

In the meantime, email or message me if you need help. :-)
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Hi +Jackie Williams - what are you having problems with? Can we help? Please let us know. Julia will be available during the Easter break too, so you don't need to struggle alone... Re newbie, you'll be fine. :-)
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Have her in circles
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Professional writers' dilemma: fiction or nonfiction?
Writers have asked whether they can write both fiction and nonfiction ebooks. Of course you can.

Some things to consider: your publishing catalog, and your pen names. Pen names are useful for branding, and while you can use your own name for nonfiction, consider using pen names in fiction to brand yourself:

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You're a professional writer. Can you write fiction?
It's easier than you think. You just let your imagination out to play. 

And practice. You'll be amazed that making stuff up helps your nonfiction writing:

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If you've got a Typepad blog, and it's down, here's why
Typepad's been under an on-and-off DDOS attack for the past few days. By criminals who want money.

Who knew that Web companies could be held to ransom? It seems that cyber criminals are launching DDOS attacks on Web companies, and won't let up until the company pays up.

You've got to admire the enterprise of these thieves. Highwaymen held up individual travelers and coaches 250 years ago. These days, the highwaymen choke the network, and inconvenience millions of people.
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You can now add Typepad, the blogging service owned by SAY Media, to the growing list of technology companies that have undergone DDoS (distributed..
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Before you create an outline for your fiction...
Open the doors of your imagination with an image. In the initial stages of crafting fiction, your sole aim is creativity. Beware of creating an outline too soon. Try these simple strategies:
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George R. R. Martin doesn't outline. Seems to do OK with his writing. :)
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Want to become a professional blogger?
There's a universe of blogging gigs open to you... if you know how to get them. These jobs are never advertised. You may need to step out of your comfort zone a little, but the rewards are enormous.

Start by making proposals to companies which might hire you -- few writers/ bloggers use proposals: they're a powerful tool.

More tricks:
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Copywriter + Ghostwriter + Author + Marketer + Writing Coach
Angela Booth is a copywriter, ghostwriter, author and writing teacher

Author of many books, including Making the Internet Work for Your Business, copywriter Angela Booth became enthusiastic about using words to make profits  when she ran a successful business and discovered how much newspaper display ads cost.

As a copywriter Angela has written copy for companies in many industries, from technology and real estate to the jewelry trade. Clients have included companies large and small, like Westpac, Acer Computer Australia, Brother Australia, and Lakes Jewelers. 

In the past 30 years of writing, she's written just about everything


* Romance novels published worldwide by MacDonald-Futura;

* Business books published by Prentice Hall;

* Magazine articles published by Vogue and other women's magazines;

* Websites;

* Hundreds of ebooks.

Angela helps her clients to sell their products, and creates and curates content for them on the Web, and on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.

She loves to help her clients and students to develop their brands and online visibility. She works with agencies, companies and individuals.

Angela loves books. She writes them, and helps others to write them too. She ghostwrites both fiction and nonfiction for clients. If a client needs a book proposal, Angela helps. Alternatively, if a client wants Angela to handle all the writing and promotion, she's happy to do that too.

Thousands of writers benefit from Angela's free ezine of writing tips each week. She's been helping writers for 20 years, because she loves sharing what she knows.

Her writing blogs include:

Bragging rights
Was online in the 1980s, in the days of BBSs. Wrote one of the first books on using the Internet for business.
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