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Can we be trendsetters?
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I'd like to get a real screenshot of this, so everyone talk about your #testicles
It is a minor annoyance of mine that the # symbol turned from 'pound' (as it has always been) into 'hashtag' when speaking. 'Pound'... anything is way more funny than 'hashtag'...anything. ;0)
That symbol's always been a hash to me. I think "pound" is more common in the US
@ Angel - Even when using the phone? It was always, "Press star to go back or press pound for more options." or something to that effect. Actually, it's still like that (on the phone) here.
I'm in Canada btw. Sort of America-lite or America-but-better? ;0)
I'd agree with that assessment.
In England, a pound sign is £ ... I never even heard of # being pronounced "pound" until I saw the list of symbols and their names in the Jargon File.
Testacles-that's the ancient Greek demi god right?
u wirdoooooooooooooooos!!! hahahahaahhahah mmmwwaaaaaaaa!!! hahaahhahahaahaahhahaahahahahhaahahaah........... ya ur wird!!!
Ooh, my first ad hominem attack on G+ :) Jenna Sforza reported, blocked and comments deleted.
To be totally off-topic, +Angel Wedge did exactly the type of work that keeps G+ what it currently is (e.g. Not Facebook). Thank you!
What's all this about #testicles ? And I agree that it is in the States and Canada that people use the term "pound" to describe it. It's more common to use the term "hash." Imagine if it was called a pound-tag! Many would complain, "£ is the pound symbol, not #!" Of course, the States are the only ones that matter to those in the States anyway, so complaints would be null and void. :P
I've seen # pronounced pound on a few IRC channels, like #ass ... but that's about all.
It made me laugh. Bee Gees testicles....
woah! +Selina Gilmart i was listening to the motto on youtube and i looked at your pic and as soon as started reading it i heard lil wayne say that. no lie! Oh my God, Becky, look at her butt! Tunechi!
Surely we can get our #testicles over the Bee Gees...oh wait, never mind.
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