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Angel Rodriguez
Talking, it's what I do.
Talking, it's what I do.

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Wife grumpy cause I can't eat dim sum. Lol. It's not even about fat or weight, most dim sum leaves me with headache and feeling like crap.

Several years ago he said, "Why are you wearing a vest, it doesn't hide your gut." Brutal, but true. I love vests though, gut hiding aside.

I carry a lot of frustration in life. It's difficult to not let it affect my mood. Sometimes I just need to be alone. I can enjoy solitude.

Felt off in my hiit class this a.m. Guess I'm not 100% recovered yet. I did find my groove during strength class. Meh, guess it happens.

Someone asked me how I have the time to post a link every hour on all my social media platforms. I don't, I automated that sharing function.

I'm gonna go slay this class at the gym. I know my language is always combat oriented, but it's all metaphor. Lol. We work hard. #nyctalking

Wanted to make sure that after a couple sick days, I could still hold it down. One hour barely felt like a warmup. Feel strong. I'm ready.

Trying to find out what gym I want to attend tonight. No one is replying to me though. Not commuting on "chance." Local cardio will do.

Any legit medical/health experts out there care to share your thoughts on sports supplementation? Any value to supplementing?

She said, "I bet ur an instructor who couldn't take their own class!" HELL NO! I attend & dominate many classes a week! My cardio is solid!
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