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Angel Rodriguez
Talking, it's what I do.
Talking, it's what I do.

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My sister asks me "What happened?" Some dude pointed right at her, & then walked toward her. He saw me staring hard dead at, bowed head. Yea

This girl w really right pants, and a fantastic rear passes by. The guy she's with is staring at it, she hits him. Yeah, that was nice.

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Here is a podcast I recently did on liposuction and how it's not what it seems. #fitness #liposuction #diet

Some ladies were talking about getting lipo. I provided about two minutes of advice, and then left the convo. Learn the hard way.

You can't please everybody, so why even try? Just do your best, with the understanding that for some people, nothing's ever good enough. Ok.

I'm deathly paranoid of raw meat. So guess who's up cleaning the leaking meat juice that their wife put to defrost and dripped everywhere?

There is a difference between training, inspiring, and pushing someone hard, and making them feel bad while training. Not everyone is good.

Why am I being forced to take a course on creating a franchise if I'm a group ex instructor? I don't care about franchising! Waste of time.

This lady wanted me to take a picture of the entire 50+ people in the class. I'd like to get a group pic, but 45 mins, we move fast! Work!

First time I've had bareburger in a few months. Knocked me out cold combined with the exhaustion of 3 hrs training and the adrenaline dump.
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