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Angel Matthews (Angelina Hope)
Enjoy today and everyday!
Enjoy today and everyday!

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looks like a fun time!

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The celebration continues!  <3
Hoping you are having a fantastic Thursday!

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Shepard's Pie with yummy cauliflower mash!  The girls ate it up, Joshua was all like..  my green beans have mash on them mom! lol two  out of three ain't too bad!

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Next 30 Day Peak Performers Challenge starts on Monday, July 6th - this is more about overall wellness than weight loss but that's one of the best side effects!

I've recommitted for July! In June I took the Challenge and I've very happy to report that reached my pre pregnancy weight of 155! I'm down 12 pounds, my energy is back, I kicked my caffeine, alcohol and sugar addictions and I'm well on my way to my optimum body weight and overall wellness!

What will you do in July to change your life? It only takes one simple decision!

Here are a few stories and pictures from our June Challenge (tons of others):

"So today is day 16 for me. So far (as of Sunday) I lost 6-7 pounds ... and broke the weight plateau that I was on. I'm now under 150. Probably haven't seen that weight since early/mid 2000s."

"When I started I had horrible foot pain that wouldn't go away. In the mornings I could hardly walk. My sister found out she had rheumatoid arthritis recently and she started thinking I may have that or something similar. My knees hurt and if I gripped something for a bit my hands would hurt. Now I feel great. My feet hardly hurt and that is by far the best thing I will get out of this challenge."

"I didn't think I could go a day with out my coffee and I'm already on day 17! unreal! One benefit is that we have money in the bank to buy our good foods... with no work snacks and drinks for my husband and no alcohol for us, we have saved a few hundred dollars already!"

"I am down 11 lbs and feel so much better when I look in the mirror. It is so nice to be able to wear my old clothes again and not all the stretchy skirts I've been wearing!!!"

"20 pounds down in the 170s hell ya!!!!"

"Down 10 pounds since Monday."

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me and my kiddies...  We hit the cool hat jackpot at the thrift store!
+john matthews 

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A pinky sized amount of automatic dishwasher detergent can burn a hole through a child's esophagus. Consider replacing those toxic products in your home. I did and I wanted to share my story again, it's the most popular page on my blog!

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lovely bracelets!  :D  just lovely ~

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somewhere in Morgan City, Louisiana.

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so fresh and so clean
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