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Attitude is a huge part of Success.

How well my business is doing is definitely a direct reflection of my attitude at that time.  I notice when my business is booming my BELIEF level is extremely high.  You have to believe in yourself, your product, your company, and your vision to keep things moving forward.  If your attitude is bad, then you probably aren't being a believer.

It's so easy for people to sit back and say how they can do a much better job than the person out there doing the job.  But when the moment comes where they have to step up and take action...the story can go 2 ways.  They really CAN do the job because they really believe it.  OR they choke or fail to step up because they aren't really believing...they were just being negative when they said it.

Business and network marketing is not for everyone.  The action, willingness to grow, attitude, and work ethic will always weed out the do-ers from the talkers.
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These are very cute, perfect activity for the little one.
Toilet rolls are so great for seasonal craft ideas and these cute butterflies are perfect for Valentines day or Mothers’ day! Toilet Roll Love Bug Butterflies – A Preschool Valentine’s Day Craft What you need: toilet rolls paint – pink or red paper – red,…

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Exploring Textures: Activity for Babies
textures (also known as, letting the baby make the biggest mess possible) was
fun to watch.  I used baby food and added rice cereal to create different
textures.  The first bowl no cereal was added.  The second bowl only a few table spoons were

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Counting & Hand Strengthening
To practice counting, encourage fine motor and hand strengthening,
we created a timeline to 15. For this activity we used, 2 sheets of construction paper,
circle stickers, stamps, scissors and a hole puncher.   This activity was perfect for us because my

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Alphabet Sensory Bin
We love sensory bins in this house, the kids love digging their hands in and exploring.  This alphabet sensory bin was fun and my preschooler enjoyed playing with it.  I created an alphabet sheet and placed it next to the bin.  In the bin I placed colored r...

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5 Activities For A Successful Slumber Party
My oldest has talked for a while about having all his cousins
over for a sleep over.  Finally, I decided I was up for a challenge. 
I casually talked to my husband about having a sleep over which he was all
for.  I just didn't mention how many kids because ...

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Holiday Shape Threading
This fine motor activity is perfect for little hands.  It was fun and kept my little one busy as he was concentrating. In a holiday tub, I placed foam holiday shapes and bells.  I then gave my little guy green ribbon as he got comfortable on the couch. This...

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Read how I took control and stopped my boys bad habits in a positive way.   #parenting
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