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Angel Balichowski
"The Organic Mommy" Home Business Entrepreneur Specializing in Marketing, Branding
"The Organic Mommy" Home Business Entrepreneur Specializing in Marketing, Branding

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Have You Seen my Most Recent Facebook Live on What had me BAWLING Wednesday night?

The power of your story, brand, message is MASSIVE. If you're not clear on your message and who your market is, you're missing out on MASSIVE success for your business.

For the month of December, I'm offering my Branding and Target Market Breakthrough Session (1 hour) for only $47.00 until space is filled for December and January.

To save your spot go to and I will send you the calendar to book our one-on-one time! 

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Essante Organics Review: 1 Year Later
Team Leader and Top Producer Angel Balichowski shares the past year of success on her team with Essante Organics, and how we have created a team that sets people up for success in Home Business. Essante Organics Review Video shares the importance of going Organic and Toxic Free, plus what sets us apart in the Industry. Become a part of the Global Organic Movement. Enter your info here to be contacted by Angel: or Text Angel @ 1-204-294-4044 for more info and to join now!

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Quick Overview With Essante Organics Leader Angel Balichowski. Make sure to attend out next zoom meeting

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I am currently building my Second Generation on my team, and am looking for motivated Individuals to work with one-on-one over the next 6 months! For More information click the link below or enter your information at

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5 Things That are Holding You Back From Your Best Life
Check Out my recent article on the Entrepreneur Mom Now website!

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Organic Living Presentation: Discover a new, unique 100% Organic and Toxic-Free Product Line that is transforming people's Lives. Hear amazing Testimonials and discover how YOU can join the FASTEST Growing Team in the Industry, and position yourself ahead of the Organic Trend. We show you how to take the Expense of Organic Living and Turn it into Pure Profit! For More Info on working with Angel:

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Join our One-time live online event!

You can be the first to get a sneak peak behind the scenes of this unique opportunity that is just about to launch in a big way.

We have an amazing 100% Organic and Toxic Free Product line that is taking the world by storm and getting rave reviews.

Come see what we are all about, hear some testimonials, and see how you can be involved with our Founding team.

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How Did I build a Thriving Team Online?
Super excited to be joining Robert C Stern LIVE today at 12 EST / 11 CST! Come join us while we talk about Social Media and the Home Business Industry  Live Q& A Session as well! See you there register here:…/app/603215639691384/ #SocialMedia #MLM #networkmarketing  

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What is Alkalizing? Why You Want an Alkalized Body.

Alkalizing is becoming a hot topic in Nutrition. But What is Alkalizing? Alkalizing is consuming PH Balanced (Alkalized) foods or nutritional products to help your body maintain a PH Balance of 7.365.

It is known that when you have an Alkalized Body, disease can not exist. Tumors can not grow. Cancer can not thrive. Disease craves an Acidic Environment. In our Society today, with the fast food, processed foods, and lack of attention to Organic and Toxic Free living, the majority of the population has an Acidic body.

How can you become alkalized? The easiest way I've found is through Nutritional supplementation. I consume products and also use PH Drops that I add to my liquids to keep an alkalized body.

If you want to know more about What is Alkalizing and how you can start to use products that are changing people's lives and the lives of their children, get more info @ #Alkalize  
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