I was disappointed today to learn that Linux Mint 13 went with two different desktops (Cinnamon and MATE).  I've liked past versions of Mint and the philosophy that it just needs to work.  Having two desktops to choose from/support/maintain means the Mint team couldn't agree that one of them 'just works', so now I'm assuming both have failings big enough to warrant supporting a whole separate environment in hopes that Mint users will be happy with the lesser of two brokens.

I was really proud of how Mint 11 chose to avoid adopting the latest KDE because it seemed unstable (or so I recall).  Going with Cinnamon, something brand new, feels quite unMinty... And in an LongTerm version too!

I had hopes that Mint would lead the way towards a world where there was at least one dependable OS again (I miss the days of XP), but it seems the allure of 'new' entices even a team as cool as ... Mint.
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