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Starting today, the world’s governments meet behind closed doors on the future of the Internet. Some governments want to increase censorship and regulate the web.

Tell them to keep it #freeandopen by signing the petition:
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It was tough to choose the one for today, but here it is! Good luck tomorrow!
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I feel like that is going to me during the Reich test once I glance at all the culture :3
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One Google Search = the amount of computing power used for the entire Apollo Program.

That's amazing.
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#NASA  is at it again in 2016, this time exploring the interior of #Mars . This will help discover how the Red Planet was created. To infinity and beyond!
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There have been some major changes to Google in the past few days

1. You now get more information when you search for something that you would expect a list for, such as good attractions in a city.

2. Gmail is also searched when you do a web search. (You have to sign up for this feature since it is being tested right now:

3. The Google Voice Search on Android JellyBean is coming to the iPhone and iPad.
We're working on building the search engine of the future, one step at a time. Today we announced a few updates that get us closer: some improvements to the Knowledge Graph (including availability in all English-speaking countries and lists of connected things that may help your search), sign-ups for a limited trial to let you to get information from your Gmail right from the search box, and enhanced Voice Search on iPhone and iPad.

Read more in our blog:
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Aneesh Jindal

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I don't always see Android phone charging stations (in fact I've never seen one), but when I do they look epic.
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Yeah.....mine iPhone is too.
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The #NianticProject  is so puzzling...whatever it is Google has something insane up their sleeves. It's basically a mystery story, but by Google. O_o
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Aneesh Jindal

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Wow...this extension for Chrome (it's by Google) analyzes the result you click on after a Google Search for the answer. So not only does Google search the web for your answer, it also searches the page. It requires the permission to read all the data on every website you visit, however, but if you think it's worth it then give it a shot.
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Wow, you're right
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Aneesh Jindal

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Oh the irony in Labor Day...Wikipedia says Labor Day celebrates the "economic and social contributions of workers."
So let's take the day off to celebrate!

But with all due respect, Happy Labor day to everyone! :D
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This made me chuckle a bit. :D
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I recommend all of you activate 2 step verification on your Google Account. Many accounts are being hacked these days and this makes it much harder to allow that to happen.
2-step verification adds an extra layer of security to your Google Account In addition to your username and password, you'll enter a code that Google will send you via text or voice message upon si
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The rover made it! With Curiosity we will be able to study Mars like never before and possibly lay a path for human exploration of the planet. Go NASA, doing work that is truly out of this world :D

Here's one of the first Curiosity images from Mars.
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Nothing is truly random.
I love technology and playing sports. Science is my favorite subject and my goal in life is to be happy :D
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