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Andy Wright
Leader, Problem Solver, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Analyst, Storyteller, Musician
Leader, Problem Solver, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Analyst, Storyteller, Musician

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Awesome interactive music... 

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Rumor has it you can visit 13 museums in 6 cities for FREE with Field Trip...

RUMOR CONFIRMED!!! For a limited time you can walk into any of these for free:

Conservatory of Flowers, SF
California Academy of Sciences, SF
Walt Disney Family Museum, SF
Museum of Contemporary Art, LA
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
Adler Planetarium, Chicago
The Field Museum, Chicago
Museum of the city of New York, NY
Museum of Arts and Design, NY
National Building Museum, DC
Portland Children's Museum
Portland Art Museum
Pittock Mansion, Portland

If you are around one of the following 13 museums, you will get a Field Trip card with "Free Entry" in the title (check the 'nearby' tab). Show the card on your phone to the admissions staff and they'll take care of the rest. 

Enjoy your Field Trips!

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New Orleans, LA | June 1 - 4, 2012
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Mellotron 400

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Intriguing study observing the difference in musical pitch perception between speakers of tone (eg: Cantonese, wherein pitch denotes meaning) and non-tone (English, French) languages. Even in the absence of musical training or background speakers of tone languages show enhanced pitch perception ability. The "auditory evidence challenges the common assumption of universality of basic mental processes and speaks to the domain generality of culture-to-perception influences."

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A nice Linchpin reminder from +Chuck Frey
How to Become Indispensable

As part of a writing project I'm working on, I've been drawn back to +Seth Godin's excellent book, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

Paging through the first few chapters, which were covered with my notes from a voracious first reading, I was struck anew by the stark contrast between old school executives and business as usual vs. the new, entrepreneurial mindset that Godin espouses. So I put together this colorful table in SmartDraw to dramatize the contrast

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My latest blog post: "The era of Prosperity-on-Autopilot is over."

The good news is, if you have a talent, the world wants it, and it has never been so easy to show your talent to the world.
The bad news is, especially for us fat & lazy Americans, is that the great, century-long era of Prosperity-on-Autopilot is over.
The world still wants serious talent. And it still wants people pushing mops, digging ditches, waiting tables and slinging burgers.
It’s the people in the middle who nobody knows what to do with anymore. And the politicians who claim that they do, are lying.

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