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Andy Wills

Discussie  - 
Oh my giddy aunt!

I think I may have found a solution to all of my (organisational) woes. A notebook that allows you to move the pages around.

I've already order this one with dotted paper.

Can you imagine to possibilities? Create a new collection, but want to keep them together? No problem - just pull the page out and re-insert where you want.

Have a future event that you want to "diarise"? No problem - note it and put the page towards the back of your current ongoing lists. Hell, at only a few pounds for the cost of new paper inserts I may even go all extravagant and create a page a day diary Hobonichi style!

The only thing missing is a ribbon. Oh wait, you can remove the metal (yes metal!) little binders. That means I can drill a small hole in the top one and add as many ribbons as I like - colour coded too if I like!

And if I don't like any part of this notebook? Then each part can be bought separately.

I think I may have just stumbled on my notebook nirvana! I may need to go have a lie down.
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Glad I could assist +Teresa Davis. Sometimes you do have to pay that little more. My first thought when it arrived today was "It's a little bit big." It is indeed a little bigger than my current Moleskine, by about 3.5 cm wider (length is the same).

I was in half a mind to send it back. But the more it stared at me through the cellophane, the more I realised that it was a good buy.

When I unwrapped it and flicked through the pages I knew I wasn't to be disappointed. I have already had an extensive look at the Arc range at Staples and let's just say that this Atoma feels a little more solidly built. But on the plus side the Arc hole punch is a lot cheaper, so if it does work with the Atoma sizing then I'm all for that! 
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Andy Wills

Organised Rides / Sportives  - 
Other than +Phillip Benson​, is there anyone else from the Community doing the Wakefield Hospice Dark Peak Challenge tomorrow (Sunday 27th September)? 
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Well done lads
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Andy Wills

└ Fundraising  - 
OK so it may not be that dramtic as the Last Supper, but this is the last training ride that I am doing before my Sportive this Sunday.

I know it is only 57 miles which may not sound like a lot to some but I am a guy who hasn't ridden a bike this seriously for near on 20 years! And then it was only sporadic MTB sessions with friends.

Since being back in the saddle for the last 10 weeks I have been on the bike, in total, for 2 days, 12 hours and 40 minutes. I have traveled a distance of 917 miles and climbed 57,041 feet. And today I achieved my fastest ever speed at just over 44 MPH and I claimed my very first KOM on Strava!

I am doing all of this for charity and raising much needed funds for the Wakefield Hospice. So far I have raised £200 and I have been pledged a further £100. My original target was only £100 - I totally underestimated the generosity of my friends, family, neighbours and acquaintances. I am grateful for all that I have received so far.

If you wish to support me in this challenge, then my Just Giving page is:

So here is to Sunday, and for now I am going to enjoy the rest days and I will be cleaning up the Trusty Steed so that she is absolutely gleaming for the event! If you are coming along then I hope to meet some of you at some stage through the event - probably when you're overtaking me on Holme Moss!
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Is that between the cussing and the cursing +Damian Morley​? 
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Andy Wills

Training Rides  - 
Big plans tomorrow. Going to tackle a 70 miler.

Then I just watched the weather forecast...

Those plans are now scaled back to a 40 miler on Sunday. Sometimes I really do hate the weather in this country. 
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I really enjoy the winter months when the wind is gusting horrifically the rain as falling and it's pitch black.

Good times.
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Andy Wills

Training Rides  - 
65 miles in the bag and Holme Moss owned!

First training ride of the actual route done. It was a killer but the only time I stopped was for the selfie atop of Holme Moss summit.

Bring it on.

All I need to do now is get my sponsorship to the £200+ mark for the Wakefield Hospice!
Sign Up for Free. Track your rides and runs via your iPhone, Android or GPS device, analyze your performance, and compare with friends. Loading … Oh What a Ride... Ride August 30, 2015. 65.5 mi. Distance. 4997 ft. Elevation. 4:37:03. Moving Time. 2720. Calories ...
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I think I may do +Phillip Benson, but there is still 4 weeks to go!
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Andy Wills

Shared publicly  - 
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+Andy Wills I need to get out on the roads, pretty much all of my rides are on loose stone tracks in the forest.
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Andy Wills

Training Rides  - 
Half way round the 50 miler... Just coming out of Holmfirth, think I'm heading up to Woodhead Reservoir...

Just keep peddling, just keep peddling...
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Thank you +Harlow Cycling Page Group​. 
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Andy Wills

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Andy Wills

Bikes, Kit & Maintenance  - 
OK. Some advice please.

I've attached a photo of the chain linkage to assist in my query (excuse the incorrect terminology).

I'm just degreasing the chain and whist wiping it with a cloth I managed to unlink the chain with my hands and after the initial recoil of shock and horror I put the chain back together using my hands only. Back in my day I needed a link-splitting tool!

The question of concern is, should the chain be able do this? And is she safe to ride on - I have the Sponsored Sportive next Sunday so if I need to have this repaired I need to get her in to the LBS pretty sharpish.

Thanks in advance for the answers. 
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+Pratt Fall 10/11 speed SRAM quicklinks are reuseable but not recommended by the manufacturer.
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Andy Wills

Discussie  - 
OK, serious question/pop quiz time...

Bullet Journalling works for me. Which is surprising as I am considered the ultimate techno-geek at work.

Before I used to use ToDoist - but I found that having a digital task list made me reactive, as in "oh, let's see what I've done today". By using the paper method, I am more forward thinking than ever and I achieve a load more in my working day.

I said that I would give Bullet Journal one book to prove its worth. Well I am halfway through and I have to start thinking about what book I want next when I come to the end (and that won't be that long too!).

I currently use the Moleskine (21cm x 13cm) - dotted. I like the slim width as it fits in my pockets nicely when carrying it around. I have heard people complain about the quality of paper and I can see why, but that has never concerned me.

I liked the idea of the Leuchtturm - it clearly is the tool of choice for the Bullet Journal method. The idea of numbered pages and a contents page seems like a nice touch.

But I also like the look of the Midori Traveller set up (the genuine one, not the Fauxdori or ZLYC copies). The idea being that I could have one book for my to do list, another as a calendar (I currently rely on Sunrise - please don't judge me!) and a third book that houses pure collections. But the only thing that puts me off of this option is the loss of 2cm writing width.

What do you all think should be the next solution?
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Moleskine (21cm x 13cm) dotted
Leuchtturm1917 (21cm x 14.5cm) dotted
Midori Traveller set up
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One thing to consider is that Moleskine has journals that when scanned, can be entered conveniently into Evernote for processing. I have not tried these yet.
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Andy Wills

Training Rides  - 
Not a bad 20 miles with some good stats and company. But those effing, jeffing gears. Had a good look at what wasn't happening tonight. The 3 gear clickity-clacks slightly, the fourth wants to go down to fifth and fifth wants to join sixth. Anything 6th and lower just rattles the chain when I get out of the seat to put the power in.

Anyone care to enlighten me before I throw the thing in the bushes? I don't think it's the indexing as the chain shifts between the gears alright. So any suggestions as what I should do next would be more than welcome.
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+Andy Wills Either that or teeth that have bits missing. I am sure you already know, but teeth should have flat tops and not look like sharks teeth. However, after only a few weeks I would expect any great amount of wear.
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Andy Wills

Training Rides  - 
I did it. I bloody well did it! My first ever 50 Miler!

Check out my 52.1 mi Ride on Strava:
Sign Up for Free. Track your rides and runs via your iPhone, Android or GPS device, analyze your performance, and compare with friends. Loading … My First 50 Miler... Ride August 23, 2015. 52.0 mi. Distance. 3568 ft. Elevation. 3:29:48. Moving Time. 2072. Calories ...
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Life has been good to me, and I am happy with my lot - even if at times I don't show it. What more is there to say?

Born in Leeds, I joined the Army, travelled a little, left the Army and ended back in Leeds. Then, after years of being stuck in a seemingly mind-numbing job, I studied hard, learned a bit about the law and got out of that dead-end job and moved on to something more fulfilling.

Married to Leanne, along with our 2 children, we now live in Ossett, West Yorkshire.

Recently I has bought a road bike so that I can tackle the Wakefield Hospice Dark Peaks Challenge. A grueling (to me at least) 50 mile challenge that will take in the sights and sounds of Holme Moss (the sounds will be of me wheezing, spluttering and gasping on the way up!).

The comments made here are the personal views of Andy on life and anything in general, not just things photography related. Any opinions held are individual ones - and probably not to be taken that seriously!

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Once stubbed my toe in the dark and managed to hold it all together and not wake the house up!
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    Law, 2000 - 2005
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  • Arthur Greenwood Middle
    Middle School, 1979 - 1983
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