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Andy Wigglesworth
Freelance Web Designer / Developer / Graphic Designer from Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Freelance Web Designer / Developer / Graphic Designer from Doncaster, South Yorkshire

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Walk from last weekend.
Potteric Carr - Doncaster 7th Feb 2016
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New layout seems nice, although missing that I can't have three columns...

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Really interesting read.
Is this really why Panda was introduced.

One of the best reports I have read on the Anti Trust Debate:

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For those photoshop experts out there!....

Via +Richard Morrow 

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Good tip if you don't know where your MOT Certificate is...
Here's a good tip!...

If you are not sure when your MOT is due, you can use this handy tool online:

#doncasterisgreat   #doncaster   #car   #mot   #vauxhall  

Err, trying to post it again,

Happy Birtday +Dave Elliott  :)

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Via +Edwin Jonk 
The Worlds Best Search Result Preview Tool just got better :-)

Here are the features:

Real Time Editing.
Can easily import in title/description from your own page.
Crops title at 512px.
Crops only complete words like Google (unlike other tools that cut words in two).
Shows real time character and pixel counts for title and description. 
Alters long URLs by cropping folders out.
Shows https if secure.
Highlights search words.
Can add a rich snippet line.
Can add star ratings.
Can add photo.
Can add date.
Provides correctly encoded title/description html code for easy insertion.
Provides a shareable URL to pass around what you made.
Is online so no need to download an app.

Have a play, bookmark it, ask for more features.

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Had a nice couple of hours at the coast yesterday... was pretty chilly!...

We went initially to do some litter picking for the +Yorkshire Wildlife Trust  but I got the dates mixed up!

Then popped into +Grashion Automotive Solutions to look at a mini... but the wife's not sure about the rear view, or lack of it...

Then had pizza and beer... was an awesome day!
Flamborough 22nd Feb 2015
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New blog post from Google Developers! Learn how 2 big font optimizations deployed in 2014 - WOFF 2.0 and unicode-range - are reducing the size of the downloaded fonts by more than 40 percent on average. For you, that means faster download times and lower data costs!


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Yay!... a good excuse to have chips this week!
It's National Chip Week so our ingredient of the week is the humble potato!

Which do you prefer: Skinny fries or chunky chips?

#nationalchipweek #chipweek #chunkychips #fries #potatoes
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