Ard Neakie, Loch Eriboll
These were taken at the end of May 2009, on what sofar is my only visit to the far north of Sutherland, but it certainly will not be my last.  We had an amazing  4 days and would strongly recommend this area to all photographers as a must visit location.  Sadly you are no longer able to capture your own interpretation on this building as the north winds have taken their toll (I think) and despite the ventilation it is no long standing.

Loch Eriboll's most intriguing and attractive feature is Ard Neakie. This is a mound of land prevented from becoming an island by a tombolo of sand and shingle linking it to the east shore of the loch.

Ard Neakie was used as the terminus of the Heilam Ferry, which crossed the loch to the now gone Heilam Inn on the west bank of the loch at Portnancon. The ferry ceased operating in the 1890s when the road around the loch was completed.  This is the ferry house which was built in 1831.  

Ard Neakie is also notable for the four large lime kilns built in 1870. The Reay estate produced large amounts of lime here and on the nearby island of Eilean Choraidh and loaded it into ships in the natural harbour created in the lea of the tombolo.

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