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Revisiting, at the weekend, the small fisherman's hut near the River Dee in Aberdeen, Scotland. I just love the combination of barbed wire and corrugated iron roof.

For #leadinglinesmonday curated by +Pam Chalkley and +Jakob Nilsson and +CJ Sros
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+Andy Smith I love barbed wire, it brings back memories from my childhood on a farm. Thanks for sharing with #leadinglinesmonday which has added a third co-curator, +CJ Sros
Thanks Pam, I will edit to include CJ :)
Excellent shot with wonderful DOF. The barbed wire makes a strong image. Thanks for thinking of #leadinglinesmonday :)
Great combination and processing, really like the sense of no trespassing suggested by the barbed wire fence :-)
Thanks, +Laurent Coppée I never considered it that way, but see what you mean. Err, sorry, I mean yes I planned the composition precisely like that. Oh yes. :D
That's great! Off course, I see the Scottish flag as seen from across the border ;)
Hehe, thanks +Mike Kerr I see that now... no barbed wire in this multi-national house though! :)
Hee hee - nor this multinational, cross hemispheric house. Well, a wee bit around my chocolate stash, maybe.
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