Fake Location on Desktop
This isn't new but some of you may not be aware of this simple Chrome extension for faking your location within Chrome .i.e. tricking Google. Yes, I know there are some great tools to fake your location to city level (+BrightLocal) BUT they don't fake your location to what I suppose you could call street level location.

The extension allows you to see what your actual users might be seeing from one side of town compared to the other side of town. I use it to replicate what my client see's from their office, so when they say "why can't I see myself in the three pack when I visit my sister on the far side of town?".....I can replicate the exact search from my office 500 miles away and then suggest reasons why they can't see themselves across town, etc

Extension: https://goo.gl/XA7ED5

1. Install Extension
2. Google a local search term i.e. cafes near me
3. Look at your results, probably cafes around your location
4. Select the "Manual Geoloaction" icon (small blue circle / dot)
5. Select a new location, possibly another location you know (for test purposes)
6. Make sure "Manual Geoloaction" is set to "on"
7. Go back to your search results and hard refresh the page (ctrl f5), you may have to do this twice.
8. Your new exact street level location should now be displaying in the search results
9. Enjoy....

Fake Location on Mobile
To fake my results on mobile (Android), I use an app called "GPS Emulator"
App: https://goo.gl/6QQxkF
Pretty easy to setup and then the app is very easy to use...just don't forget to switch it off otherwise Google Maps thinks it could be a very long drive to the local Starbucks 😏

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