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Andy Scott

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Andy Scott

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Are you Focused on Your Site's Page Speed?

Here's how Michael King sped up his site by 68.35% with just one line of code! Learn more about the rel-prerender directive here: #SEO
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Andy Scott

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When the form submitted, can I get the selected gender with DOM Element Variable or I should create Custom JS Variable for that?

I've tried select option:selected but it returns false
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Andy Scott

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Better QA With Google Tag Manager Environments

GTM published a huge update just today. Environments lets you create a setup in Google Tag Manager, to which you can publish container versions. You can share the preview link for this setup, or authenticate this setup with a special container snippet you add to the site template. If someone is authenticated against an environment, they can access any versions that are published there.

In other words, this is a huge boost to container workflow, as you can pass a version through various environments (dev, QA, staging) before pushing it live.

The major difference to the old "Share Preview" link is that the preview sharing shared container versions, so if you created a new version you had to distribute a new link. Now you share environments, and you only need to distribute the authentication token once (unless access is revoked).

Read the guide, and start working in environments!

#gde #googletagmanager #blogpost #gtmtips 
A walkthrough of the Environments feature in Google Tag Manager.
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Andy Scott

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Need something to do this weekend? Here's 12 of the Best Resources to Learn to Code for Free
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Andy Scott

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what is the best way to call a function inside a Variable (custom js)?

function() {

    function Encrypt(str) {
       foo = str + '-' + string2;
       bar = Encrypt_again(foo);
       return bar;

    function Encrypt_again(str) {
       foo = str + 3 * 2;
       return foo;

    var string = "abc";
    return Encrypt(string);

Important is, that I have multiple predefined functions with a small code, which are not accessible on the server.
Inside the Encrypt function another function is called.

Thx for your help.
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Andy Scott

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Re-Introducing the Periodic Table of Google Analytics (2016 Edition)

Greetings friends! I’ve got some real exciting news for you.
The 2016 edition of the Periodic Table of Google Analytics is now alive on Jeffalytics. This interactive table features 189 elements that describe the power of everything we can do with Google Analytics.

View the interactive ...
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Andy Scott

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Don't use dataLayer in Data Layer Variables
SOLVED: dataLayer formatting off?

So the "on page load" dataLayer looks approximately like this

dataLayer = [{
'stuff':'and things',
'otherStuff': {'nested':'items', 'whatNots':'and such'},
'amIDoin':'this right?'

and I can run console commands like
dataLayer[0].otherStuff.nested which will output items but in GTM when using "dot notation" for a dataLayer variable like dataLayer.0.otherStuff.nested is undefined...what'd I screw up?
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Andy Scott

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Awesome post on tracking biometric feedback using FitBit and IFTTT...probably quite easy to adapt to Google Fit if you use that sort of thing.
IFTTT can be used to send your daily Fitbit stats to Google Analytics. I've posted up a method to get it working, and also methods for tracking your music listening and alcohol consumption in GA too.
I’ve been interested for some time in the idea of tracking my life with Google Analytics. Let me take a step back for a moment. I’m in no way wanting to track myself to the depth and intricacy that Stephen Wolfram does. And while I like the idea of something like Exist, which pulls all sorts …
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Andy Scott

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Grabbing Google Analytics clientID and trackingID from the console

So I've been playing around with the the console a bit more (specifically chrome) and wondered how I would query a site to get GA data such as trackingID or clientID. Sure this data is easily found in some plugins or looking at the stored cookie values but sometimes its just fun to see what you can pull from a command line interface. *cracks knuckles like I'm about ready to hack into Fort Knox* After a some searching I found the solution here.  You can do this by using the ga() command queue. (

Provided you only have one GA tracking ID you can use 


if you have more just change the index value from 0 to the one that matches the tracking ID you need.  If you don't know your can find out with this console query...

ga.getAll()[0].get('trackingId'); //again change index value as needed.

As a side note, if you're looking to scoop up the clientID into a custom dimension +Simo Ahava has a great guide with a more elegant GTM solution found here: 
Track Google Analytics user ID when the visitor is not logged in your website for later customer life-cycle analysis by matching it with your CRM IDs.
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