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Making of MWC 2012 -- This Motoman robot will bling out your mobile phone. Pick from a number of designs and press the "Make!" button.
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haha! great! just to give us a little taste about it, hum?
Dear +Andy Rubin,

Please bring this back to Mountain View. You know, for science.

I am a US Army veteran with severe optic nerve damage and chronic open angle glaucoma. I work and run a business and create ideas. If you ever read this I know you're busy with your robotics project but maybe you know other engineers who may want to work on a project to create a mobile device for the blind that assists with the dog and cane. This device should incorporate GPS technology and tell a blind person turn left at corner. Basically I want to see somebody invent something that before the blind person leaves home they can program their trip into the device and then when they leave out the door it will tell them turn left go 3 blocks restaurant is on the right. They will still have a cane and dog but this device will help them plan trip and with the GPS system be able to know exactly how to get there. It most be a mobile device with a earpiece that talks to them as they walk. IF you ever read this talk this over with some engineers and see what they think.
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