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Making of MWC 2012 -- When we asked the taggers how they got their skills, everyone got quiet
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Kinda blurry... Wish you'd put a better camera on the Galaxy Nexus?
+Michael Grasser I tried panorama on the Galaxy Nexus, and I have rather shaky hands. The result came out to be similar to that.
Isso está bonito!
Abraços do Brasil!!!
+Andrew Gilmore If you have stock, you have to manually update it by searching for the app. Maybe he doesn't know that :P
How can I get me one of those Android hanging lights!?
I knew someone who used to have "Freelance Urban Muralist" on her resume. That was the two years she spent as a bike messenger/graffiti artist.
cool what is it it is too small to see
That was hilarious +Michael Grasser but the pictures come out fine and I'm impressed with the camera although its not the best camera on a mobile device its in the top 5 in the US.

He probably was panning to fast towards the end but I would like to know if his Nexus is running 4.0.3 cause mine isn't
+Michael Grasser speculation due to the leak for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and for all we know its 4.0.3 but with device specific radio and software updates so the next release could very well be 4.0.5 for all we know.

The 3rd digit in any software version is usually a fix or very minor.
+Anthony Garrett Well, they haven't released the source for 4.0.4 and Verizon is working with it, so it should be the next release.
+Michael Grasser still could be device specific, which means neither you nor I know and we could have 4.0.5 for the GSM version and 4.0.4 for the CDMA edition and when or if they release the source would depend if infact it wasn't specifically for Verizons model with updated radios. If it is then the source will be released specifically for that model while the GSM model has another build which could be 4.0.5
+Michael Grasser Like they've done in the pass? Nexus S 2.3.6 Nexus S 4G 2.3.7 and don't get me started on the Xoom but then again that's more about Verizon and the build # which oh wait is relevant to the discussion because carrier devices will differ which is common knowledge but it won't be anything too wild
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