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Making of MWC 2012 -- Miniature Android ambassadors, ready to be deployed into our partners' stands on the show floor
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Would like one too :D
i need to get one of these..
Is there anywhere we could buy one of these...?
Man I could totally rock out a giant Android gnome in my front yard!
I'd love to make a larger replica of one of these and use it as a trash ca erm I mean iPhone receptacle.. yes.
Hey now... If you have an extra one after you're done... I'd love to have one around the shop cussing like a biker passing out sodas...... HHH Cycles Motorcycle Repair 257 N Seaboard Ave Venice, Fl 34293 ..... I promise I'll get that up on youtube.... Still gonna use my blackberry though - My Android doesn't even get a signal at the house
Can I have one??? :)
Yes, please, I'll take a couple!
....and that was the day little green robots took over the world
Zhou Xu
anyone is for Opera ?
can i have one too?
as everyone else has said.... WANT!!!!
So cute! Wish I was there to get one.
Getting a Giant Android at the conference would be pretty nice. Trying to get it home on the plane, not so much..
These are really neat. He's such a cute little character and so adaptable.
Cool I want one ya should check out my cake
i am voter of my india i have firsttime not voted because right to recal or right to regect option was not in EVM MACHININE
The would also go well in a garden setting.
nothing can stop android'army
oooooooooh how cute, i want one plzzzzzzzz
cute. do they record audio and upload it to Google? :p
Cutest little Ambassadors!
me too...really would love to have one of those displays
yea let us know how to get one pls :)
pls pls with a cherry on top wink wink lol
omg!! i want one!!!! please please!!! pretty please with a smart phone on top!!! (:
Tht woulda been soo tight if they were drinking cups tooo I would buy them all
Invasion! Call homeland security.
They should make Android Water Bottles!
would be cool if someone turned one into a lamp of sorts.
Urban Outfitters sells Android figures now.
omg they are so cute wish i coounld have one lol take it every where
Oh man, i thought i told you not to give him water past midnight!
i told you we were going to get attacked by robots some day
if i can contact with you all I had just come in here
Rena K
Aww I want one!!
Cool with all the small green fellows!
its really cute, can i take one ?
Make them Useful... Hollow out the center, and provide a plastic straw for your cup.
Thought it was a practice run for the Olympic march for a minute there. LOL. They look great!
OMG I want one of those android dolls ,please please please!!!
hmm maybe I should change my occupation to making these...everybody wants one! so cute!....until they take over the work irobot style...
hahahhaahah...thats SO amazing & cute!!!
dang thats cool dude! can i have one?
android lamps, water bottles, cups, you name it....I'll make it android ;D
oh oh and remember firbys? we need interactive android toys (smarter than firbys)
Excellent where can I get one of these?
so awesome ugh now i love saying awesome :D :D :D :D :D
pleaseeeeeee send me one of this fantastic android !!!! marco
thats so awesome! Id totaly steal one. Id ask first... then steal one.
a sea of android is much better than an apple of, lets occupy the market
haha in a way they remind me of the minions from dispicable me
I want one too..... and i will pet him and feed him and call him george
I want one!!!!! His name would be meep. ^_^
Offer them in a humanitary auction, I would love to have one of these!
Excellent :) !
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